The Disappearing Work Force & Obama’s Jobless Recovery


I have dedicated several articles to the disappearing work force and am still not sure what exactly is happening. Zerohedge thinks the Department of Labor Statistics is deliberately making the work force disappear to bring unemployment numbers down.

The Bureau claims that the reason the work force has gone from roughly 64% to 59% of the population is because the census figures hit in January and the population changes reflect a declining work force (for those who don’t know, 1.2 million people disappeared from the U.S. work force in one month – January).

The BLS also claims that they adjusted the figures for age and retirement and the 1.2 missing workers did not affect the unemployment percentage. I have a problem with this because people are retiring at the rate of 10% more than in prior years and they are going out on disability at an 18% higher rate than in prior years. That tells me people cannot find jobs so they are retiring or going out on disability. The other figure which the BLS does not count is youth 16 -24 and I would like to know why. I do know youth suffer the highest unemployment rate, particularly among minorities.

Ulstermann has more information on the topic that is very interesting. One piece of information is that the steep decline in jobs correlates to when the Democrats took over Congress. It flatlines when the Republicans took the House. His chart reflects a loss of $5 trillion in taxpayer deficit dollars which means stagnant job growth. Millions are missing from the work force, unemployed, or have taken part time jobs.

The implication of the decline occurring at the same time that the Dems took control is that the job killing regulations and tax and spend policies are not working.

Ulstermann’s graph comparing job recovery under Reagan and recovery under Obama which is no recovery at all –

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The Bureau of Truth and Fact Statistics can say what they want but one thing is clear, Obama has got to go!!!

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