The “F” Generation


We have had the Greatest Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Y and therefore I’m taking it upon myself to name the next Generation of Americans as Generation “F”, for Failing America.

Here’s why.

Generation “F” has failed at being patriotic Americans. They feel offended by the American flag and they don’t know who our Founding Fathers were or why they fought for freedom. They would rather stomp on the Flag, then salute it.

Generation “F” has traded in freedom for freebies. Gimme this and gimme that and why should I have to work or pay for anything when I can just let the Federal government fend for me? They want free phones, free food, free healthcare and free college tuition, apparently, they have never heard of the word “taxes”.

They have never been slaves or owned a slave but the Confederate Battle Flag offends them. Tear it down, dig up Confederate soldiers, erase our past, because American history offends them. Apparently, they have never heard  of learning from past mistakes.

They have never fought in a World War or any war, as a matter of fact, but they believe our military should be left with no fire power because “peace” comes through coexistence and not with firearms. They would rather live their lives on their knees instead of standing up and fighting for freedom. They think that Star Wars is a Spielberg movie instead of a brilliant military strategy that took down Russia.

Might is power and being rendered powerless is oppression. I guess what they don’t realize is without a strong military that someone else will be in charge of America but it just won’t be us.

They seemed to have forgotten what happened on that dreadful 11th day of September back in 2001. Islamic terrorists murdered over 3,000 innocent folks going about their daily lives. Nowadays when Islamic terrorists attack us on our own soil, we don’t call it terrorist attacks, it’s simply “workplace violence”. I guess it helps them sleep better at night.

They seem to think it is ok for us to fund our enemies with our tax dollars and allow those who shout Death to America to seek out nuclear weapons that will certainly be used against us or at least our friends. Obviously, they don’t seem to understand that if you wrap trash in fancy paper with a pretty ribbon, it’s still trash. The Iran nuclear deal is trash and certainly not in our favor.

Generation “F” allows thugs to “blow off steam” by destroying cities and then they want to pay the criminals with public funds for doing so because no one believes anyone should have to go to jail now-a-days.

Generation “F “ is all about letting illegals come across open borders, paying for everyone to go to college and living in a dual society of two languages, allowing Sharia law over the Constitution, sanctuary cities and a Country within a Country. According to the “F”’s, everyone’s heritage is more important than America’s heritage, in fact, America has to give up their heritage in order to make everyone else happy.

Generation “F” is all in favor of America being a divided nation and obviously not everyone falls into the category of being an “F”. Therefore, we are going to have two future generations of people. Those who have failed America and those of us who still believe in America. These people will be known as Generation “A”.

Generation “A” should not have to lose America because of the failed policies of Generation “F”. If we allow the “F”s to become the majority them we will certainly lose our freedoms and our way of life. Therefore, we should cordon off a piece of America where Generation “F” can live, fenced in like a herd of cattle, after all, that is what they want. Then we can allow Big Daddy Government to enslave them and dictate their every move. Let them live in a false “Utopia” where there are no freedoms and the government can take care of them from cradle to grave.

Those of us who want to preserve our way life and our heritage, can live freely in the rest of America.

I am fed-up by those who are trying to Fundamentally change America. America doesn’t need changing! What we need is for everyone to start acting like real Americans again. I don’t think we should lose our country to ba bunch of fools who want to live the false dream of socialism.

There is only one America and she is flat-lining before our very eyes. I just want to know why Generation “F” is trying to kill Lady Liberty and why are we not trying to stop it from happening! No one comes back from the dead and that is why we have to save America before it’s too late.

The first step in saving America is closing our borders and raising future generations to be real Americans!

Don’t let the death of America be on your watch.



  1. Bs!! Its the so called boomers that have done this!! Who is in control now?who started this entitlement idiology? Who’s now trying to dismantle the constitution? Think before ya write son!!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more.

    Because if you actually stop & look its happening in that manner.

    Keep posting things like this, I’ll keep sharing & maybe Americans will wake up & smell the coffee.

  3. I agree 100%. Generation F is a generation of lazy, stupid, uninspired, sheep, that can’t think for themselves. They believe what ever this American hating administration tells them, and are too stupid and lazy to actually do some research to find the truth. If they did, they would know that they are being misled by the media and our, Muslim president. But, sadly, the average intelligence of the people of this country is extremely low, so they want everything done for them so they can sit on their lazy asses and collect welfare and apply for government freebies. They want a free ride and don’t want to be hard working, proud Americans, and we keep letting the worst of the worst cross our borders, therefore increasing the number of uneducated, lazy, stupid people that are a blight on this country.

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