The Ows, An Arm of the Democratic Party, Are Going Mainstream


The Occupy Wall Street fringe people, aka OWS, who hope to foment a global revolution in the name of statism, are branching out with working groups. Come on, this is ridiculous.

Even more ridiculous is that the Democrats are fully supportive of them.

“I understand the frustrations being expressed in those protests,” Obama told ABC News senior White House correspondent Jake Tapper in a recent interview.

Based on what we’ve witnessed, the following working groups would be most applicable –

The Bongo Music Working Group

The Public Nudity & Sex Working Group

The Illegal Drug Imbibing Working Group

The Foul Language Sign & Pamphlet Working Group

The French Revolution & Guillotine Working Group

The Abuse Police Working Group

The Anti-Semite Working Group

The Destroy Bankers Working Group

The Hacker Working Group

The Keep the Trash Accumulating Working Group

The Public Poop & Pee Working Group

The Hollywood Working Group (I expect actors/actresses will give all their money away and take $1000 per movie from now on?)

The Communist Working Group

The Hollywood Communist Working Group  (The government should tell actors what parts they are allowed to play and what movies they can be in).

The Socialist & Democratic-Socialist Working Group

The Nazi Party Working Group

The Unwanted-Paulbot Working Group

The People of Color Working Group (Does that include off-white?)

The Rape & Murder Oversight Working Group

Of course, there is the ever-important, Re-elect Obama Working Group, which is what this is all about. It is why the OWS are going after Wall Street – the likely opposition candidate made money on Wall Street. It is why they disrupt only Republican candidates’ speeches. It is why they are one with the unions and the Democratic Party.



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