The Unaffordable Care Act Premiums Skyrocket


We can expect ObamaCare premiums to double and triple in some areas of the country according to health industry officials.

Mr. Obama promised that premiums would go down $2500 for a typical family, but we’re finding that, not only are premiums going up, but deductibles are completely unaffordable.

Sebelius said last week in testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee that “the increases are far less significant than what they were prior to the Affordable Care Act.”

There is no evidence that her comment was based in any fact whatsoever. In fact, she left insurance company officials puzzled.

Insurance companies will receive bailouts, encouraging many of them to hold rates for the time being but the clock is ticking and they will have to go up in the near future.

It appears that elderly and sicker patients are buying at a much faster rate than the young and healthy which will jack up rates. Young people only account for about one-quarter of the enrollees.

Sebelius claimed that they have 5 million signed up to ObamaCare but insurers say about 20% have not paid and another 30% or more had insurance but lost it because of ObamaCare.

Obama delays will change the costs of these plans. Every time Mr. Obama makes a change, it costs money.

The delays are particularly egregious when one considers the fact that this was sold to us as something that had to be passed right away because it was a crisis.

The delays are meant to hide the fact, until after the election, that tens of millions, including those on employer-sponsored healthcare, will lose their insurance. People are being told they can keep their insurance until after 2016 in many cases, but we were told people were dying and Republicans who didn’t want this bill were killing people. They even came up with invented statistics.


Premiums were rising 7% to 10% each year, whether those increases will go to double digits is still a question until it happens.

Two days ago, Washington Free Beacon reported the story of Tony Angran, a pastor, who developed stage three Esophageal Cancer  but he also has a heart ailment. Due to the pre-existing condition, he was not covered for the cancer treatments. He found out moments before he was to receive his life-saving chemo treatments.

He is waiting for his new ObamaCare insurance plan to begin in April but he is now connected to a feeding tube, has trouble swallowing, and can’t take his heart medicine. His new plan will cost what is for him an unaffordable $800 a month and another $7000 for his deductible. He has gone $50,000 in debt to pay for the chemo. He said ObamaCare is not very compassionate.

Many of the supposed benefits of ObamaCare will not come to fruition. One of my family members told me she was happy that her daughter who is in medical school would be covered under her plan until she realized it was going to cost her a whopping $500 a month extra.

We are hearing story after story of people who are paying $1800 a month for insurance now when they had paid less than half that before. Deductibles are over $12,000 a year for a typical family which makes all these policies catastrophic care.

Special Report has a three-part series on ObamaCare costs starting yesterday which you can see on their website.  The video is from today’s report.

More information at the hill.


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