The Value of a Toddler’s Life in a Collectivist System – Update

Yue Yue's mother after finding out the toddler was run over while she was in a nearby market

Update 10/21/2011: A Chinese national was recently asked why the people ignored this little girl who had been run over by a car several times. He said it was because people are scared. If they do anything that will cost the government a lot of money, as hospital care for a severely injured child would. then they would be in trouble. He said that the elderly woman who went to the aid of the toddler would pay a price for it.

Original Story: 10/29: Recently, a Chinese toddler, daughter of migrant workers was run over by a van. The van driver stopped, saw the child and took off, running over her again with his rear wheels. then another car ran over her. At least 18 people passed the dying child without helping her until one lone woman came and helped. The child had slipped away from her mother while she was in a store.

Does this tell us something about how the Chinese value lives? We have had cases in our country that are similar and most leave because they don’t want to be caught. The stories recounted in this article paint a different picture of some who live under the Communist system.

One businessman tells the story of taking a cab that drove past a woman dead by the side of the road, a victim of a car accident. The cabbie refused to stop and said that someone would come shortly to remove the body. Hours later, when the man drove back to the airport, her body was still there. He vowed not to do business with people who devalued human life in this way.

If it were only these stories, I wouldn’t generalize, but when combined with our knowledge of their horrendous human rights abuses, does it paint a sordid picture of life under a Communist government?

The value of human life in a Collectivist society: Daily Mail


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