This Goes “Under You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” About Illegal immigration


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This next story is just ridiculous.

make it safer to come here illegally

Central American migrants demand it be made safer for them to come into the United States illegally.

It’s dangerous traveling on the freight train, La Bestia, some have lost limbs jumping off and on the train. They have trouble avoiding gangs. Then in the end, some get caught and arrested.

The illegal immigrants are calling for safer alternatives.

How long before the politicians in D.C. find those safer alternatives? There are reports that we are now going to pick them up in their own country when they apply for asylum. It is something suggested by John McCain and Lindsey Graham last summer when immigrant children were traveling across our borders illegally.

It’s terrible that they have lost limbs, however, the appropriate alternative is for them to stay in their own country and make it a better place or migrate legally.

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