This Is How Obama Brazenly Violated the Second Amendment Today


Obama and his alligator tears
Obama and his alligator tears

Barack Obama’s speech today and his unconstitutional laws will infuriate any law-abiding citizen who cares about the Bill of Rights. Be prepared because this is only the first salvo from the totalitarian left.

Obama just up and changed the law today and he will prosecute the people who don’t obey the law he wrote unconstitutionally. He blatantly violated the separation of powers of the Constitution. Obama won’t try to work with Congress, he won’t negotiate and he doesn’t appear to have the skill to do either, so he resorts to illegal mandates instead.

Barack Obama gave his dramatic soliloquy espousing unlawful gun laws today, justifying it with emotional anecdotes – it was reminiscent of his Guns and Bibles speech years ago.

He surrounded himself with gun victims who only serve as props for him. He cried his crocodile  tears – this is a man who went out golfing twenty minutes after giving speech about a decapitated American – he can’t muster up emotion for anything unless it affects his socialist agenda.

Where were his tears for Kate Steinle – he didn’t even mention her at the time – she didn’t fit his socialist narrative because she was killed by his protected class – illegal criminal aliens.

Make no mistake – this was an attack on the Second Amendment today and he furthered the movement to erode the Second Amendment. People like him and Hillary Clinton can afford protection but he is doing what he can to take our protections away and he is doing it unlawfully.

He even quoted from the Bible to further his unconstitutional gun fiats, but his fiats were small ball except for the part where he clearly and brazenly violates the law of the land.

He changed the law despite the fact that Congress has refused to put his law into place. People who sell a gun to a cousin or a neighbor will now have to be licensed as gun dealers. It takes about a year to get a license like this, but that’s not the point, the point is his illegal action. He’s making criminals out of someone that sells two guns privately.

Obama’s executive action calls for doctors to report mentally ill patients.

According to details of the plan released by the White House, the rule allows for the Department of Health and Human Services to remove any barriers that could prevent health care providers from reporting patients with mental illnesses in order to disqualify those individuals from obtaining a firearm. It completely changes HIPPA and confidentiality between doctor and patient.

Politico reported, the 1993 Brady law already prohibits individuals who have been involuntarily committed, found incompetent to stand trial or deemed by a court to be a danger to themselves or others from owning a gun. However, federal health care privacy rules do prohibit doctors and other health care professionals from sharing information regarding the mental health of patients without the patient’s consent.

Yet when the Obama administration’s new rule goes into effect next month, health care professionals will be able to disclose that information to a background check system with no legal ramifications.

Who will seek needed mental health and go to doctors knowing this? Who will tell doctors the truth?

Obama was setting the stage today for future laws to destroy the Second Amendment; he’s organizing the Democratic platform – he did say his job is to get a Democrat elected and he wants it to be a Democrat who does what he wants; and he’s trying to put the Republicans in the position of looking ineffective yet again.

His political circus included things he should do anyway – adding federal agents, doing a better job of executing gun laws, and fixing some of the problems with the FBI background check system.There was no need for a press conference to do any of that but he wants to make it look like it’s something Republicans don’t want. He will pour tax dollars into smart gun technology which will probably be wasted and which should be done privately.

Obama doesn’t give a hoot about the terror from radical Islam and he doesn’t care that he is putting us into more danger by leaving our borders wide open.

He just made a big splash in the media recently by having Jeh Johnson say he was going to round up illegals. The only illegals he’s rounding up are those who threaten national security and public safety who have been ordered removed already because they are dangerous.

The real problem is his violation of the Constitution and his foolish cheering squad rooted for the loss of their freedoms. He is incrementally dismantling the Second Amendment as he promised. He hates the Second Amendment, it’s obvious to even the casual observer. As a typical Big Government person, he believes only an Orwellian Big Government should be allowed control over guns – it’s certainly NOT an inalienable right and forget God.

Once one Amendment goes, they all go.

Obama said the polls are supporting him. When did polls replace the Constitution and the rule of law?

The president is allowing Iran to get ICBMs and nuclear bombs, his administration has and is selling arms to terrorists, terrorists and drug cartels are crossing our borders, but the average American can’t have guns?

As soon as someone’s freedom is interfered with, this case can go to court, Judge Napolitano said. He sees that as the best path to action.

Obama made a comment about no advanced country having so many mass shootings, insinuating France isn’t an advanced country.

I’m in New York and I don’t have a Second Amendment right to defend myself but I don’t want to see the rest of the nation suffer the same fate. He’ll turn us all into felons if he can.

The fact is that Obama’s administration isn’t even doing their job. Gun convictions have gone way down under him. They’ve gone down over 15% since he’s been in office. Background checks have gone up 65% under him because people are buying guns because of fear our Second Amendment rights will be hindered.

Get out the vote for the GOP, at least GOP who say they will eliminate all of Obama’s executive orders! They are our only hope!

Judge Napolitano dealt with the legal question well on Outnumbered today.


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Billie Ansley
Billie Ansley
6 years ago

I cannot believe this President and his obnoxious way of putting down anything he decides he wants to. I have known a lot of Presidents and he is the absolute worst man I have ever known. We will be lucky to survive him. I actually think I hate him. That’s horrible I know, but he I hold him responsible for personally destroying American ways of life.

Herbert R.
6 years ago

From America’s 1st Freedom/NRA–But when it comes to the Second Amendment—which actually is an enumerated right—too many Democrats are so fervent to see it eliminated that they’re willing to cut it out of the Bill of Rights with a fire axe and flamethrower, and the rest of our rights be damned.
That should frighten every American—regardless of political party or anything else—because as they say, what goes around, comes around: Once one right can be denied by executive fiat, any of our rights can be revoked at will and at whim. Once that happens, no freedom is safe, and not one of us is exempt. We’re all endangered, and all our freedoms are diminished.