Democrat Utopia Is Coming to a City Near You


“The federal welfare reform of 1996, formally known as the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, was among the most significant domestic policy achievements in modern American history,” Russell Sykes of The Manhattan Institute wrote.

Therefore, the Department of Health and Human Services eliminated most of it under the Democrats.

Not even two years into his term, Comrade de Blasio is doing the same in New York City. The enormous welfare agency, Human Resources Administration, won’t expect recipients to look for work right away and maybe never. They can go through a whole world of services before they are expected to look for a job. They can get career bridge services, career advance services, and on and on, Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute reported.

Anything goes now in the Big Rotten Apple. If you think this won’t affect you because you don’t live in New York, you are wrong. This poison is coming to a city near you if we don’t stop the left and their damaging policies. Consider LA, Chicago, Detroit, Philly and on and on….

New York City is returning to the days of Dinkins when there were 3,000 murders a year. It’s just a matter of time and not much time.

David Dinkins had one accomplishment during his tenure as mayor. He was able to stop planes from flying over the U.S. tennis center during the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament. If only de Blasio was as good.

De Blasio can’t control the plethora of sleazy half-naked babes with painted bodies in Times Square so he thinks it would be a good idea to open up the pedestrian plaza – that’s a typical liberal response. Somehow that is supposed to stop them. What would work is to make them get permits since they’re making money from taking pictures with passersby. Regulate them and tax them into non-existence like they do innocent people.

Homeless people are everywhere. Soon, we will have a tent city. There are shelters but why force them to go? Just because many are seriously mentally ill and some are dangerous or drug addicts?

People in costumes, panhandlers, squeegee men, faux rappers all pour through city streets annoying pedestrians.

At least Comrade de Blasio has his priorities in place. He is going after horse-drawn carriages, uber and charter schools while welcoming the porn palaces to return to Times Square, AND, and this is very important, he’s removing the ban against ferrets. We can all now walk our ferrets.


The logic of the left is very twisted. They will tell you what you are allowed to eat, drink and smoke but they will let you live on the streets, defecating in public, and run around naked harassing pedestrians and tourists.

Crime is up and police are afraid to do their jobs. They no longer go after the nuisances and it shows.

“America is the one of the richest countries in the world, and New York is one of the richest cities. But there are more homeless people here than there are in Gambia,” said Gambia’s attaché Alieu Samba, the New York Post reported.

Dogu Gnahore, a diplomat from the Ivory Coast, comes from a country with a poverty rate of more than 40 percent. He said, “In Africa, we think of America as a place in the sky. It’s very shocking to see how it really is. I can’t understand how in New York, you can come and see people living on the street.”

Neither can the rest of us living in New York Dogu.

A staffer at the Guyanese consulate, Courtney Noel, said homelessness in his impoverished South American country isn’t nearly as glaring as in Manhattan’s Turtle Bay.

A diplomat from war-torn Iraq called the hordes of bums “a very painful thing to see.”

“In Baghdad, we have a lot of homeless, too. But at least the social network is very strong there,” he said.

In January, de Blasio gave out IDs to more than half-a-million people including and mostly illegal aliens. De Blasio did it so illegal aliens could get taxpayer-funded services. It gets them free visits to museums!

There is little doubt they will be voting to help keep these incompetents in office.

Back in the days of Mayor David Dinkins, I remember getting on the subway with unfriendly types holding assault rifles between their legs. Those days are coming back.

De Blasio and his crew are trying to blame Bloomberg and Giuliani. Bloomberg cut subsidies, they claim, but the city was safe and attractive until de Blasio came to town. One thing about leftists – they never take responsibility.

New York City is the new Detroit, perhaps worse. It’s what happens when the far-left gains control.

The sights and sounds of scenic New York City today.

homeless 13

nudes in NY1

homeless 7

nudes in NY2

homeless 3

nudes in NY3

homeless 6




costumed characters

squeegee man


homeless 8


drug dealers

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Herbert R.
7 years ago

Welcome to Progressive Paradise–Utopia in HELL!!

7 years ago

I live near Cleveland Ohio, when I was in my twenties that flats, on the river in the nineties, was a hopping place to hang out !!! That was just after a Rethuglican had been mayor for a couple terms, since the natives have elected all Demoncrats and everything is shut down and I won’t go downtown without my pistol, just like it was during the seventies, under DemoncRat rule……..
So sad that the natives never could put two and two together, and see why it is happening……..

7 years ago

And now, thanks to a new housing regulation, named Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH), every community that has below-average crime and above average intact families will get its own solar-powered, broadband-provisioned, taxpayer-financed, multigenerational Section 8 Ferguson-like housing enclave.

Vote Progressive!