Thousands Dying of Thirst on Mountaintop to Avoid ISIS Slaughter


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Update: American forces have delivered food and water to the Yazidis.

Ten to forty thousand Yazidis are stranded on a mountaintop dying of thirst according to a Washington Post report last evening. Their only choice is to go back down the mountain and face being slaughtered by ISIS who have declared them “devil worshippers.”

They fled their ancestral home of Sinjar when Kurdish forces known as peshmerga fled.

There is no water or vegetation on the barren hills.

The UN said there are about 25,000 children.

Peshmerga had stepped in along with Shi’ite militias to help but all were routed this past weekend by the superior fire power of the Islamic State. Artillery, mortars and machine guns which ISIS took from Iraqi military went up against Kurds with AK-47 rifles.

“We are feeling so frustrated to see the peshmerga fleeing the town and leaving us alone face to face with Islamic State fighters,” said farmer Haji Beso, 47, a resident of Sinjar who also operates a small pickup truck that transports goods.

ISIS terrorists who are Sunnis have also killed or banished non-Sunnis including Christians and Shiites, uprooting them from ancient cities and towns.

The Yazidis fled their towns of Sinjar and Zumar when ISIS captured the towns, killing about 2,000 and forcing almost 200,000 to flee without food or water, according to a report by AINA News.

Yazidi woman

Yazidi woman who fled the genocidal rampage of ISIS

More than 50 children, perhaps as many as 70, have died from dehydration or other causes in two days.

Their sect is small – about 600,000 – and their ancient religion combines parts of ancient Zoroastrianism with Christianity and Islam. They have been victimized in the past, most recently by Saddam Hussein. They were driven out of their town when ISIS defeated the Kurds this past week.

Iraqi government planes have attempted to drop water bottles but were only able to reach a few.

AINA News described a tearful and oftentimes angry Vian Dakheel, a member of the Iraqi Parliament, begging for immediate help from the government for her people who are being slaughtered in a genocide or left to die of thirst.

Some of the women have been sold as concubines, she cried.

The Yazidi MP began: “Mr. Speaker, we are being butchered under the banner of ‘There is no God but Allah!'” The Speaker interrupts and says “Honorable representative, there is some uproar in the Iraqi Parliament for saying that Yazidis are being butchered under the banner of There is no God but Allah!'” Undaunted, the Yazidi MP continues. Near the end of her speech she sobs and collapses.

Vian Darkeel

Vian Dakheel, Yazidi member of Parliament

Video from AINA News:

On Tuesday, 10 children and one elderly woman died, while on Monday, seven children had perished, said 23-year-old Shihab Balki, who was trapped with his mother, sister and four brothers. “I saw their bodies with my own eyes.”

He later texted the news of another casualty: a young man who had died of thirst, leaving his wife and five children behind. UNICEF said that 40 children had died after being displaced from their homes in the area in the 48 hours ending Monday night, including an unknown number on the mountain. The agency did not have figures for Tuesday.

Most ran out of battery power for their phones on Tuesday.

Islamic State posted the first pictures of its capture of Sinjar on social networking sites on Tuesday.

One of the photos, shown below is of six men lying face-down in a field with a pistol pointed at the backs of their heads. “Kill them wherever you find them,” read the caption.


Meanwhile the most vulnerable on the mountaintop are dying without help. The young and the elderly are dying first.

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