Thousands of Illegal Criminals Released, No One Knows Anything


illegal release

Two-thousand two-hundred twenty-eight illegals were freed by Obama’s DHS, according to the ICE Chief but that number may change next month. Some of those released have been accused of financial crimes, theft, assault and serial DWI.

Four of the ten Level 1 criminals (1 being the worst) have been re-arrested. ICE Chief Morton tried to say the releases were made on a case-by-case basis, but meanwhile he released ten hardened criminals and didn’t know how many he released in total just last month.

Last month the DHS Chief said it was in the hundreds. In this administration, no one knows anything. Jay Carney said it had to be done due to Sequester and that the people released were held for minor crimes. President Obama and Janet Napolitano said they didn’t know it was happening. They don’t know anything.

He said the majority were released in Texas and have to reappear in court for deportation. What do ya think? Will they show up?

Newsday reported today that they were released due to Sequester. The Sequester lie again! These illegals were released prior to Sequester. At the time of their release, DHS had 34,000 beds for 31,000 people. This claim is a bald-faced lie.

In a release from his office, Governor Perry referred to it as a government-sponsored jailbreak.

“The release of criminal aliens into our communities by ICE is unconscionable. This action far surpasses the grandstanding Americans have come to associate with sequestration talks by potentially jeopardizing the safety of 26 million Texans – safety the federal government already compromises by falling short on border security,” Gov. Perry said.

“Aside from allowing this federally sponsored jailbreak to occur, ICE has also failed to provide any information regarding the number of detainees released, their countries of origin, locations where these individuals have been released, and the reasons they were detained – despite repeated requests from my office.

The finger pointing at the highest levels of the Obama administration and unwillingness to take responsibility for this massive security threat is unacceptable.”

Governor Perry can’t get the names, what crimes they’ve committed, and where these people were released..

Governor Perry at CPAC:


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