Threats of Violence in Ferguson, Tepid Reaction to Muslim Jihadi in West Orange


There are no riots or looting on behalf of murdered teen Brendan Tevlin who was killed by a Muslim jihadist and two others in West Orange. In Ferguson, the riots and threats of violence continue on behalf of black teen Michael Brown who was killed by white cop, Darren Wilson.

The former is being ignored by the Justice Department but the latter is being investigated as a racist hate crime. One family seeks justice, another seeks vigilante justice.

On Tuesday night, demonstrators, described as frenzied and furious, descended on the County Council in St. Louis and railed for two hours, demanding the arrest of Darren Wilson.

The Grand Jury is meeting on this case and a decision has not been rendered. This protest could sway the Jury.

The mob directed much of their anger at Steven Stenger, the 6th District Democratic councilman who is up for election in November.

They interrupted continuously, called law enforcement officials “war criminals,” and compared St. Louis County government to the Ku Klux Klan.

They drew analogies between the St. Louis region and Jim Crow laws.

“You are ISIS to black people,” one speaker told council members. [I doubt they represent black people.]

The audience jeered a woman who voiced support for the police. She received a police escort from the building after the meeting.

Speakers also threatened to shut down St. Louis Cardinals and Rams games this Sunday, disrupt weekend grocery shopping trips throughout the area and mount massive demonstrations if the Cardinals reach the World Series.

They threatened violence.

“If Darren Wilson gets off, you all better bring every army you all have got. ‘Cause it’s going down,” said one speaker.

By way of contrast, the parents of Brendan Trevlin, who was a less than a year older than 18-year old Michael Brown, have not organized riots, there are no calls to violence, nor did they lambast Muslims. They did not demand vigilante justice. They are letting the justice system work.

Brendan Trevlin is one of at least four people believed to have been murdered by devout Muslim Ali Mohammed Brown and two other men. Ali Muhammad Brown walked up to Brendan’s family car, which was stopped at a red light, fired ten rounds into the car and killed Brendan Tevlin. Two other men, Jeremy Villagran and Eric Williams accompanied Ali.


The murder was originally described as a robbery and that Brendan Tevlin was a ‘targeted’ victim, leaving people to assume Tevlin might have been involved in something untoward.


Ali is a self-professed jihadist avenging the deaths of Afghans by America.

Oddly, there is no outrage against Muslim terrorists and not much concern over homegrown terrorism which is a growing problem for everyone.

Court documents quote Ali as saying it was a “just kill.” Referring to the military action in Afghanistan, he said, “All these lives are taken every single day by America, by this government. So a life for a life” said mass murderer Ali, Fox News reported.

Brown is a registered sex offender. Also arrested in the murder are Eric Williams and Jeremy Villagran. All three are known robbers.

Brown was wanted in the murder of two young men at the time and appears to have also murdered an innocent 30-year old.

Q13 Fox News reported Brown was a radical muslim terrorist “who received jihadist training in California in April.” He aparently used the Grindr social network to find and murder homosexuals with Islamic names, it is believed two men were attacked simply because their sexual orientation offended what police say are Brown’s radical Muslim beliefs.

The two men, Ahmed Said, 27, pictured below on the left, and Dwone Anderson-Young, 23, on the right, a gay couple, were murdered with the same gun.

Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young

Where are the LGBT groups expressing outrage?

Ali is also suspected in the murder of 30-year old Leroy Henderson of Seattle, pictured below, as he was walking home from a convenience story. The same murder weapon was used.

Leroy Henderson

In a prior arrest for defrauding banks, Ali and three others, all considered dangerous men, were allegedly funding terrorism in Somalia. Ali was released and went on to serial killing.

President Obama might say Ali was settling “grievances.”

The Tevlins didn’t call for protests and riots, they only want their son to be remembered as the fun-loving, handsome young man who loved music, played the bagpipes, a young man who was an avid lacrosse player, popular with students and professors alike.

The families of Ahmed Said, Dwone Anderson-Young and Leroy Henderson also haven’t called for riots or for the firing of officials.


Liberal media is calling any mention of the Ferguson rioters in a negative light as the work of right-wing haters. They hope to silence any dissent.

We might call their lack of anger towards the jihadi who killed Brendan Tevlin the result of hate.

Some might say the reaction of the people in Ferguson is hateful.


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