Three BIG Reasons to Vote for Hillary Over Trump [Irony Here]



John Kasich’s campaign released the video below the day he withdrew from the race – the day after the Indiana election. It might be information the #neverTrump people should think about. The stakes are very high. Obviously this ad was put up for John Kasich, but let’s look at it for a moment in light of the turn of events.


In addition to socialist Elizabeth Warren, these are some of the people who have been named as possible Supreme Court Justices: US Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Sen. Charles Schumer, Tom Perez, Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards, Julian Castro, Tim Kaine, Rep. Keith Ellison and stealth progressive Judge Garland, though many don’t see him as leftist enough.


Hillary’s pick for VP will likely be a far-left candidate to bring in the Sanders base. A name frequently mentioned is Sherrod Brown. Brown is a popular Ohio progressive who is anti-trade, pro-Single Payer, pro-amnesty, pro-union-everything who served in the House for six terms and was Ohio’s secretary of state.

In 1990, Brown’s Ohio Secretary of State office awarded a certificate of recognition to Rick Nagin, chairman of the state’s Communist Party USA chapter, for having registered more than 2,000 voters during his failed campaign for Cleveland City Council.

On December 11, 2003, Brown wrote a commentary for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch depicting Republican proposals for the partial privatization of Medicare and some mild reforms to entitlement programs as duplicitous assaults on children, veterans, the elderly, the poor, and the middle class. The piece was reprinted eight days later, with the author’s permission, by the Communist Party USA’s People’s World.

In a speech he delivered in 2005, Brown praised the Mexican diplomat/politician Adolpho Aguilar Zinser as a champion of “social and economic justice” as well as a “true patriot, a true fighter for his country, and a friend to so many of us.” Two years earlier, Zinser, while serving as Mexico’s UN ambassador, had accused the U.S. of exploiting its southern neighbor in a “relationship of convenience and subordination.” Moreover, from 1994-97 Zinser had represented the socialist Party of the Democratic Revolution, whose 1989 founding was the result of a merger between the Mexican Communist Party, the Socialist Mexican Party, and the Unified Socialist Party of Mexico.

When Brown ran for the Senate in 2006, his campaign was supported by the Ohio Democratic Socialists of America, the Peace Action PAC, and the Progressive Democrats of America. Other groups that have backed Brown over the years include the 21st Century Democrats, the Council for a Livable World, the J Street PAC, and the League of Conservation Voters.

There is more. Read about it at Discover the Networks.


What Hillary has done must be considered. We have 27 of her successes to start – there are many more.

  1. Compromised national security and failed to protect our consulates. She lied over and over about Benghazi. She lies over and over about everything.
  2. Destroyed Libya, after an illegal war.
  3. Will continue the destruction of coal. In typical fascist-mode, she cared so little about coal miners that she said she would put them all out of work. She lied about that too.
  4. Has a plan to make it illegal to insult her.
  5. Really loves a terrorist country’s propaganda network, al Jazeera.
  6. Gangs are family and we must empathize with ISIS.
  7. Has a$48 million dollar speech scandal.
  8. Loves Planned Parenthood. Believes the unborn, even to the moment of birth are a clump of cells which has earned her the nickname Grandma Terminus.
  9. Tight with her key bundler, George Soros. His ally John Podesta manages her campaign. Her advisors are bad dudes. Really bad dudes.
  10. Will destroy the Second Amendment. Democrats have the right to infringe, she has said.
  11. Has a plan for the police that is not good. She is Black Lives Matter.
  12. Supports criminals when they are donors.
  13. The Foundation is a real scandal.
  14. Rakes in overseas cash.
  15. Loves outsourcing.
  16. Said that except for serious criminals, everyone should be allowed to come here. She won’t use the banned word “illegal.”
  17. Free college – tells students to default on loans.
  18. Will defend any vile person, even a child rapist and then destroy the child’s reputation.
  19. She speaks in different tongues.
  20. Loves taxes.
  21. Has no accomplishments.
  22. There are her endless scandals including selling 25% of the US uranium to the Russians.
  23. Chinagate, the most serious scandal in US history.
  24. Incredible Foundation scandal over shipment of arms to terrorist nations.
  25. She wants her own bank.
  26. She misplaced billions in tax dollars while secretary of state.
  27. She loves climate extremism so much that she will sue climate deniers.


Do people want to go with the unknown, someone many heartily dislike – Trump – or do they go with Hillary, a known leftist who has promised to write ‘hate speech’ laws; who is anti-gun and promises the strictest laws to limit our rights?

As president, Hillary Clinton will appoint possibly 4 to 5 leftist Justices who will decide how much power government agencies have; whether the EPA can steal land and destroy fossil fuels; what rights we are allowed to have on free speech, freedom of religion, privacy rights; she will determine our level of taxation; she will spread the wealth with outrageous spending on freebies and she will build the welfare state; then there is the amnesty and influx of refugees that she promised will be far greater than Obama’s – keeping our borders open and promoting a sanctuary nation; there is her promise to further the extremist climate change agenda.

She wants Single Payer healthcare and debt-free college. Her foreign policy will mirror Obama’s failures.

She has sworn to be Obama’s third term – only more so.



  1. Thank you for slapping some sense – with a healthy overdose of snark – into those reluctant to support Trump!

      • It’s hard, but we knew you’d come around Sara – Trump is by no means the perfect candidate, but it seems he’s the only one who can pull our republic back from the brink of disaster.

        In every single article you write – this is what you’re all about … saving our beloved country. It’s time to give him a chance to do what he says he will do, and hold him accountable if he doesn’t.

        Thank you for all your hard work and dedication Sara!

  2. You do realize that diehard hillary supporters are only gonna read your title and are clearly to ignorant to comprehend sarcasm or satire.

  3. The Clintons’ role as CHICOM “Art of War” infiltrators becomes more and more clear. In the old days, passing off classified and secret military information was done by spies in a cubbyhole in a public park bench or the like. Hillary just ever so conveniently “Can’t use a computer,” but uses the email system to let her CHICOM Agent Handlers “Hack” whatever they need, seamlessly and about as undetectably. She gets their Walmart slave-labor “Economic warfare” money, and passes it around Washington and to the Mass Media. Everything comes to a head, now, as the CHICOMs go full military.

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