Three Stunners from Wikileaks Wednesday Dump


Podesta Files Pt.5 is here!

We have three of the stunners from the most deceitful campaign in our history insofar as our knowledge takes us of course.

1.Pretend to Throw Bernie a Bone

Bernie Sanders and his bid to be the Democratic presidential nominee was discussed in this batch of emails as in other previous emails.

Read the email that follows because it demonstrates how sneaky and deceitful these people. Apparently it doesn’t bother their consciences.

In an email dated March 20, 2014, Mark Siegel, a former executive director of the DNC, advised Tamera Luzzatto, who previously worked with Hillary Clinton, on how best to keep the “Bernie people… marginally on board” by “throwing him a bone.”

“If we ‘give’ Bernie this in the Convention’s rules committee, his people will think they’ve ‘won’ something from the Party Establishment,” Siegel wrote. “And it functionally doesn’t make any difference anyway. They win. We don’t lose. Everyone is happy.”

That’s just creepy.

Also included is an email chain is the reaction to the Iowa coin toss. Tina Flourney forwarded CNN Director of Political Research Robert Yoon’s email explaining the format to Robbie Mook.

“And now he’s fundraising off of it,” Flourney said, referring to the Sanders campaign.

“Yet again, they fundraise off of lies. Christina is pushing this around,” Mook replied.

Mook wouldn’t know the truth if it did the Merengue in front of him.

2. Podesta’s Russia claim is as ungrounded as his plane

On a plane over the United States on Tuesday, John Podesta spoke to reporters about his email being hacked and the contents ending up at WikiLeaks.

Podesta, Hillary’s Socialist campaign chairman, has been accusing Donald Trump of having inside knowledge of what was going to be released by Wikileaks,with the insinuation that Trump has a communication with Russian actors, however, the Washington Post reviewed the evidence and found it to be unsubstantiated.

On the issue of the FBI telling Podesta Russia is involved, the Post says it is like the plane he was on – ungrounded.

This is all the publicly available information. Podesta also told reporters that he’d been in contact with the FBI, who had informed him that the hack of his email was being looked at as part of a broader pattern of hacks by Russian-linked actors. Perhaps Podesta has access to information as a result of that conversation that we don’t. Or, perhaps he understands the value of implying that there’s a stronger connection between WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign than is immediately apparent. Clinton’s team has repeatedly worked to reinforce the perception of links between the Russian government and her opponent, which this argument reinforces.

So far though, the accusation seems a lot like the plane from which Podesta was speaking: ungrounded.

3. All or most media outlets have joined the Hillary campaign

Univision is with her

We know CNN is the official Clinton News Network when it’s not the Communist News Network so we will skip that for now. We now have more evidence that the New York Times provides yet another example of the media’s cozy relationship with the campaign. A February email chain between Patrick Healy of the New York Times and the Clinton campaign with the subject line, ‘Hi Angel and Tina — running stuff by you re Clinton/Trump’, discussed details of a story about how the campaign viewed Trump.

The Sentinel already reported that Donna Brazile gave a key question to be asked during the CNN town hall while she still hosted on CNN.

The Associated Press was thanked in another email by Team Clinton for their help in diffusing an unmentioned situation which took place the day before the NY Times reported two emails in a small sample from the Hillary bathroom closet server were top secret.

Next up is an email that covers a whole host of media outlets. Keep in mind that Wikileaks emails have exposed ongoing collusion between Team Clinton and the PACs though it’s illegal.

A December 2015 email from Mary Pat Bonner contains attachments listing the accomplishments of two organizations, Correct the Record (CTR) and American Bridge – which formally separated in May that year, but obviously continue to work together through Bonner.

The arrangement “allows CTR to retain its independence but coordinate directly and strategically with the Hillary campaign. This work is necessary now more than ever,” according to the attached documents.

CTR has “helped write and place 36 op-eds across the country in a number of publications including Politico, Times Union, Huffington Post, CNN, Washington Blade, and New Jersey’s Bergen Record,” the attachment says.

CTR staff have given more than 900 media interviews in order to counter Republican attacks on Clinton and even “kill negative stories before they are even published.”

Cozy, huh?

Then there is the so-called journalist from Heat Street wrote Hillary’s ad!

The Boston Globe has been working with the campaign off-and-on and the General Counsel for the Huffington Post sent this email to Hillary’s campaign.

In all of this, one of the most bizarre revelations is the one about Hillary’s speeches. They cue her when to smile. She’s like a robot. She was worried about the Iowa caucuses and didn’t think she could relate to the corn huskers so the speech writers thoughtfully told her when to flash those phony, stiff smiles.



  1. What is it going to take?

    Our MSM has become Provda-America. Many of us have LONG known this; too many simply refuse to recognize the utter disgrace which has become our “news” media.

    It is not just what IS being reported but, the amount of information being WITHHELD from the American people is STUNNING.

    “This is not your grandfather’s Democrat party” Indeed. The DNC has been fully coopted by radical Left Wing operatives with an equally radical agenda. THEIR PRIMARY GOAL: To Transform America into a single party, Marxist style government.

    “This is not your grandfather’s Republican party” Et tu, Brute? Gone are Republicans who proudly, boldly offer an opportunity for citizens to vote in opposition to a Marxist take over of America They have become a party of eunuchs, of party officials completely consumed with but one question: How does this effect ME and MY political aspirations.

    Over the course of this past year, I have become convinced that a Donald Trump presidency is our best, last hope for the American people to take our nation back … back from the hands of those who PUT AMERICA LAST.

    We have NEVER, EVER seen, or thought we’d ever see, the amount of corruption which currently has a strangle hold on Washington, DC. Government Corruption: there can BE no corruption under a President Trump. He has been, and is, the one and only candidate who has never been a PART of government, who owes nothing to nobody; WHO HAS NOT BEEN BOUGHT AND PAID FOR by special interests, Washington

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