Training Program Pushes Religious Indoctrination of West Point Cadets


Female Cadets

Now that the words “Islamic terrorists” are being removed from army training manuals, we have stepped up the religious brainwashing about the great Muhammad for our West Point cadets. How this makes our soldiers safer, I can’t say.

The West Point cadets were sent on their yearly three-day brainwashing trip to a Muslim community where they were taught about the prophet Muhammad. It was supposed to teach them about diversity and culture but that’s not what happened – they were taught about Muhammad.

The program has been in existence for eight years.

Female cadets had to completely cover their heads to show respect for their culture. When the female cadets sat with the male cadets, the Muslims were angry. When does that show a disrespect for our culture?

Instruction about Muhammad –

This is my favorite video. Muhammad is depicted as a Democrat –

The videos came from Bare Naked Islam

Separating women is not a good sign for the future prospects of assimilation by Muslim communities which are now cropping up around us. Their lifestyles are anachronistic for Americans.

If they just showed interviews like this it would be far more educational – View here

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