Trashing the Constitution

Obama Targets Congress & the Constitution As A Campaign Strategy

“I Have An Obligation As President To Do What I Can Without” Congress.

~ Barack Obama

Silly me…

I thought the President took an oath to uphold the Constitution. I didn’t think he had an “obligation” to unilaterally – and un-Constitutionally – decide that either one of its actions, or inactions, “hurts our economy and puts our people at risk” and then trump the Constitutional role the Congress has regarding “advise and consent.”

The Constitution stipulates that no matter how frustrated a President gets with Congress holding up his appointments, for whatever reason, good or bad, he cannot, per the Constitutional requirement that he seek the advice and consent of the Congress, make a “recess appointment” while Congress is not in recess!

Congress is not in recess, yet here we see the President ignoring the Constitution and acting as if it didn’t matter, because he has decided that the separation of powers is inconvenient and not allowing him to pursue his political agenda. He says: “I have an obligation as President to do what I can without them.”  No, he has an obligation to uphold the Constitution even if the popular will says otherwise (which, by the way, it doesn’t even come near to doing regarding this issue.)

No matter how frustrating the separation of powers becomes, every president has sworn to uphold all Constitutional requirements and ensure that they be followed.

So did the current president.

He lied.

We are now seeing exactly what this man, frustrated by the massive defeat of his policies and his party that was delivered in the 2010 election, really is: an anti-Constitutional radical whose respect for the Constitutional system set up by the Founders is the same as his respect for Capitalism or for the United States as a society in general: NON-EXISTENT.

I wonder what part of the Constitution he will ignore next?

He must be defeated before we find out.