Trump Calls Voters Stupid and Suggests Something Worse or Did He?



The media is going wild with Donald Trump’s stump speech in Iowa yesterday. They claim he called Dr. Carson a child molester. He didn’t and the overreach by the media makes them look stupid.

Donald Trump created the illusion that he was saying Ben Carson was in the category of “pathological” perverts that molesters are in and it’s incurable. He also asked how stupid Iowa voters could be.

Dr. Carson said today that Donald Trump did not call him a child molester. Carson also said Trump doesn’t understand pathology as he used it and that it can be cured.

Watch and decide what Trump said for yourself.

Here’s a little more:

Even Fox pretended that is what he said. If they just said his rhetoric was over-the-top, they would have made their point.

This election is bizarre.

We have a radical socialist who thinks Cuba is to be admired and a pathological liar who is a potential criminal on the democratic side and on the Republican side we have a leading contender who continually assaults his Republican opponents and wins at it no matter what he says. He is striking very hard at his clear rival, Ben Carson, who is trying to prove he attempted to stab someone and hit his mother with a hammer when he was a young teen and it’s really okay that he tells us that.

Republican Establishment leaders would rather see Hillary or Sanders win than Trump or Carson.

Donald Trump, for all his wealth, and Carson reach a large percentage of people, and it’s not only Republican voters.

In the next brief clip, Trump attacks all his opponents. He probably wouldn’t be successful if he wasn’t hitting on those grains of truth or are they grains or only grains? It’s for the voters to decide.



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6 years ago

I do agree. Carson is a good man….I just don’t want him in the oval office. He and Herman Cain did/do have a lot incommon. He made the same mistake that Cain made: “I will have Muslims on my staff.”

7 years ago

I wish there wasn’t an ad covering the text on left side of page. Clicking the “x” doesn’t make it go away. I’m on a phone. Curious cuz Trump’s seemed to go off the rails almost as if intentionally self sabotaging. . .

7 years ago

Just when one thinks that the mainstream media could sink no lower, they do just that.

Sharon Young
Sharon Young
7 years ago

LAUGHING YOU MR. TRUMP Are one of a Kind. No one ELES like you and I find I like it No politician that’s for sure and that For Me is a plus!! Thank you MR. TRUMP

6 years ago
Reply to  Sharon Young

LOL./ Trump is not on-line as much as we are. Obama was NEVER voted in either time. When Obama ran against Clinton, she outed him as being born in Kenya. He threatened the life of her daughter, and she shut dow.

McCain/Palin ran against Obama. When it was announced Obama as the new President, Palin demanded an Investigation and McCain, the wimp that he is “wimped out.”
The 2nd time he ran for President, his first campaign stop was Chicago. 200 people showed up AND walked out on him.
Please make note, again he was NOT voted back in”/
On the same night Obama campaigned in Chicago, Romney had a HUGELY sucessful campaign rally at Red Rock that I cudda sworn it was a 1960’s Rock Festival:

Mitt Romney fires up faithful at Red Rocks

After Obama was declared as the winner, Romney disappeared for days…when he finally came back, he made one statement: “It was out of my control.”