Trump-Cruz Battle Over JFK Assassination and STDs



Donald Trump won Indiana with 9% of the vote in. The vote was 54% Trump to 32% Cruz and 10% Kasich as the polls closed.

We will probably get to choose our president from a far-left woman who violated national security and takes money from foreign entities and who intends to turn the country full-blown socialist and Donald Trump.

CNN’s Jake Tapper opened The Lead Tuesday with a debunking of the National Enquirer’s crazy story about Rafael Cruz, Ted Cruz’s father, being seen with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before JFK was assassinated. The tabloid, known for stories of space aliens impregnating First Lady Hillary, posted a photo of a man who bore a slight resemblance to Rafael Cruz standing next to Oswald in 1963.

The National Enquirer is run and owned by a close friend of Donald Trump’s and it’s not the first story they’ve published with nonsensical claims about Cruz and now his father.

“Every time you think this race cannot get any more ludicrous,” Tapper said, “it does.”

He stated emphatically that this is a “bizarre and completely uncorroborated report” pushed by Trump. He continued saying, “I cannot believe I need to say the following, but here goes: there is no corroborated evidence that Ted Cruz’s father met Lee Harvey Oswald.”

This is the National Enquirer photo.

not a rafael photo

This is his father who doesn’t look anything like the National Enquirer photo.


For some reason, Ted Cruz, who has been professional until now, let loose on Donald Trump. He brought up Trump and his history of venereal disease.

  • This is so simple to put to rest, ted, is that your father standing next to LHO? why has jake tapper, fox, msnbc not asked ted this? its either yes or no, ted could sue the hell out of national Enquirer if that was not his father, so what is it ted, yes or no????????