Trump Might Have a Point About “Trump Hating” Judge Curiel


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Megyn Kelly of Fox News’s The Kelly File didn’t go easy on Donald Trump for blasting Judge Curiel who allowed the Trump University lawsuit to proceed and then released every record in the case. She keeps saying Judge Curiel is not a member of the LaRaza Lawyers’ Association but, she’s not accurately restating the facts when she says that.

Trump said that the judge was Mexican. He’s not and was born in East Chicago, Indiana but he is a Mexican-American.

The university case is very embarrassing but it’s only because the media is making it so. It’s a trivial case.

Trump’s campaign advisor, Katrina Pierson said the judge was a member of the LaRaza Lawyers’ Association and Kelly made a point of saying that was wrong. Curiel is, however, a member of the San Diego LaRaza Lawyers’ Association according to his resume posted online, though Megyn Kelly said he’s not.

Kelly harshly criticized Trump for mentioning Curiel is Mexican.


The Sentinel would love it if Trump would stop attacking the judge and mentioning his ethnicity unless he can back up claims of bias. Trump could be on to something but he needs to support it.

Judge Curiel identifies as a Mexican-American — first generation — who was appointed by Barack Obama. He is one of the many judges left-wing Obama has appointed.

His stance on illegal immigration could be relevant.

Judge Curiel served on the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association Scholarship Fund board that awarded scholarships to a number of illegal immigrants and other foreigners.

Curiel’s associations follow:

Bara assoc

On the Facebook page for the La Raza Lawyers of San Diego, they encourage “diverse” students to apply for scholarships and grants at the California Bar Foundation.

In July, 2015, they announced their diversity awards to lead “change for the people of California by investing in a fairer and more accessible justice system with a profession that better reflects and better represents the population it serves.”

“Every year the California Bar Foundation selects leaders in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives to receive the Leading Change Diversity Awards,” they wrote.

On their website, they do some good work but for their select groups. They are left wing.

Somewhere along the line, immigrants hyphenated their names and we no longer exist as one nation of Americans.

This is from a flyer on their website.


They condemn racial profiling by police and that includes for the purposes of deportation.

On their website, they wrote, “The organization started in the late 1990s and reignited in 2006 in response to laws and issues targeting minority communities in North County, including anti-illegal immigrant rallies, Vista’s day labor law and Escondido’s controversial rental law barring landlords from renting to illegal immigrants.”

They fight for illegal immigrants, the groups of people that Donald Trump wants to deport and readmit legally (touchback amnesty).

GotNews was my main source of information but I did the research independently as well. We don’t know if Judge Curiel is unfair. We don’t know if he hates Donald Trump, but criticizing the judge in his case so publicly while running for office seems inadvisable.



  1. The judge was reportedly a hard-nosed prosecutor and chief of the Narcotics Division who earned praise for his effectiveness in bringing down a major Mexican drug cartel, making himself the target of an assassination revenge plot in return. Pretty much everybody who actually knows what they’re talking about, from both sides of the political divide, says this guy is a solid, well qualified nominee for the Supreme Court, and deserves a fair hearing in the Senate.

    Mr. Trump’s comments about Judge Curiel are perhaps best summed op by others.
    “Josh Blackman, the conservative lawyer who transcribed Trump’s remarks about Curiel at Friday’s rally, wrote, “His jaw-dropping comments reflect an utter ignorance about what judges do, and amounts to a dangerous attacks on the fairness of our court system.” David Post, an adjunct at the Cato Institute, wrote on the conservative/libertarian law blog the Volokh Conspiracy that Trump’s rant “is truly appalling and, given that this guy could become president, terrifying.”

    Even Breitbart, which has literally fired people for not being nice enough to Trump, ran an article by Joel Pollak criticizing his tactics: “It is generally unwise for a defendant in a lawsuit to question the integrity of the judge — certainly in ethnic or national terms. It is worse when a president, or presidential candidate, does it, because it suggests he or she lacks respect for the judiciary.”

    • The judge has a bias already.. he should recuse himself off the Trump case because of conflict of interest. The judge is for illegals rights here and Trump wants to deport them. A very different stand from one another. The judge is Mexican American which could also add to his bias in the case against Trump.

      When the case fell apart because the plaintiff was a very bad witness for the prosecution of the case the judge added another accuser and let the case stay opened instead of dropping the case.

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