Trump Wins, Hillary Loses to an Aged Socialist Nut Who Honeymooned in the Soviet Union


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The New Hampshire primary has been called. Donald Trump won on the GOP side (he’s at 34%). Sanders is ahead of Hillary by about 58% to 40%.

Trump concentrated his time campaigning on the border. He brought in voters from the border states to his events. There was a record 550,000 votes and he took 20% of them. He won across the board of demographics as did Sanders.

Anyone can run in New Hampshire if they have a $1,000 and 100 friends. There were 58 people (30 Republicans, 28 Democrats) running for president in the state. Therefore, Hillary beat 26 other Democrats! Go Hillary! You’re smoking hot babe.

Bernie is running against the hateful billionaires. There are only 564 billionaires in the country. He’s running against 564 people.

Voters trust Trump on the economy, terrorism, and every other area.

Sanders won the women in this primary and will meet with Al Sharpton tomorrow in New York City, hoping for the minority vote.

Hillary the liar lost New Hampshire badly to a 74-year-old socialist nut who honeymooned in USSR. Can’t complain about that.

The number two GOP candidate is John Kasich. So far, Jeb Bush and Cruz are duking it out for third, then Rubio. Christie and Fiorina came next. Gilmore is still under 1% somewhere. Carson is down around 2%, finishing right before Gilmore. Carson said he is willing to discuss running as Trump’s VP. The race is still ongoing.

Polling showed only 6% of the electorate trust Hillary which could explain her loss.

The race was called with about 8% of the precincts in.

New Hampshire isn’t a typical state but Sanders and Trump have momentum now. People will take a better look at both of them.

Whoever comes in second and third in the GOP race will be potential contenders though it’s not thought Kasich has a good organization, he appears to have come in second. Cruz and Bush are battling it out for third.

Phony Hillary has already given her speech. It’s the same as her tweets below.

hill tweets

Michael Moore is thrilled that the far left loon won.


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