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Eight people are deceased after the Amtrak crash of 188 on its way from Philadelphia to New York. The crash took place about ten minutes outside of Philly. All seven Amtrak cars jumped the track.

The train was traveling 107mph in a 50mph zone as it hit the curve according to the NTSB.

Mayor Nutter said the cause of the crash was still unknown. Amtrak said 238 passengers and five crew members were on board during the crash, which The New York Times said occurred around 9:45 p.m.

An estimated 140 passengers were transported to hospitals, at least six with critical injuries, authorities said.

The Philadelphia Inquirer said initial reports indicated that the train derailed as it was entering the curve, while social media reports suggested the Amtrak train may have hit a freight train

One AP employee said the train shook as it went into the turn.

There were more than 17,000 train crashes since 2007 which is a big improvement over prior years. In March, Amtrak crashed with a stalled vehicle on the tracks.

Updates: 05/14/15:


The heavily subsidized Amtrak has become a money pit. Additional funds for the beast have been discussed for months and only months ago, $1.5 billion was used to subsidize it. Republicans have been voting it down because, like most big government apparatus, it’s full of fraud and it’s value to the country is minimal. It’s a D.C. thing.

The Amtrak crash this week was caused by a man who is a highly paid union conductor. Brandon Bostian was a target cashier prior to being hired at Amtrak.  All this was reported by Got News.

He is a gay activist who is being attacked on Twitter as a diversity hire. Fortunately, he wasn’t a tea party advocate.

He has a concussion and doesn’t remember much about the tragedy nor does he remember anything about why the train hit the curve at 106 mph, according to his lawyer. He slammed on the brakes according to the NTSB.

He has handed over his cell phone and submitted for a toxicological exam according to at least one report. Allegedly, he has no medical issues.

He has refused to give a statement to investigators and has lawyered up.

Eight people are dead and over 200 are wounded.

Mayor Nutter said “clearly he was reckless and irresponsible.” Clearly, Mayor Nutter can’t know that yet but its’ not a bad guess. Some suggest he has a sleep illness or simply fell asleep.

Amtrak is a train subsidized for the D.C. and wealthier people. That’s what it is. It’s a fraction of the price of most plane tickets and everyone pays the same cheap price though there are complaints it’s too expensive.

Rep. Steve Israel blamed the crash of lack of funding and training. The conductor wasn’t trained to not hit the curve at 106mph?

Chris Matthews said there are too many curved tracks and Israel agreed.

Israel wants more wasteful funding of “infrastructure” instead of canceling the estate tax. Estates have been taxed all through a person’s life but representatives like Israel thinks he has the right to the person’s money when they die as opposed to their family and loved ones.

Democrats, insanely off message, have illogically blamed it on infrastructure when it will almost assuredly be the result of human error. Remember the nearly billion dollar stimulus that was supposed to go to infrastructure? It went to temporary union jobs.

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