Two Charts That Tell You All You Need to Know About IslamoFAUXbia


Are you afraid to say “radical Islam” like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? Will you refrain from saying something if you see something if it’s aimed at a Muslim?

Then you might have Islamaphobia phobia. That is the fear of becoming Islamophobic, an illness discovered by Greg Gutfeld of Fox News.

If you see a clock that looks like a bomb and report it, you might get sued for $15 million but, hey, you said something. If you say something about a Muslim that could be misconstrued, Loretta Lynch will be right there waiting to prosecute you for hate speech.

The president and Loretta Lynch are far more concerned about attacks on Muslims increasing than ISIS attacks so it must be a major problem, right?

This chart put out by the far, far left Southern Poverty Law Center eliminates any need for discussion. It just brings up one question. When is Loretta Lynch going to prosecute hate crimes against Jews? Why isn’t that her biggest concern?


The chart above represents only religious hate crimes, which in turn only represents a small fraction of the hate crimes. The number of religious hate crimes is only 18.6% of the hate crimes according to the FBI.

The next chart is an FBI chart that shows single bias incidents. There are also incidents against religious institutions but more than 84% of the crimes are single bias. While these two charts come from different sources and can’t be compared on an equal basis, it’s obvious there aren’t very many hate crimes against Muslims, not that any number is acceptable of course.


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7 years ago