Uh Oh! Bill Clinton’s Perverted Past Means Big Trouble for Hillary


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Hillary Clinton brought her husband, the serial molester, out on the campaign trail and because of that, he and she are fair game. Hillary Clinton played the role of vicious destroyer against any woman who came forward. More Bill victims are threatening to come forward and then there is the child sex pervert Bill hung out with.

Another claim is even more shocking – Bill tried to seduce Jackie Kennedy.

These claims are being made by authors who investigated the Clintons.

Trump bringing it up at this time is brilliant. The other Republicans should be attacking on the same level – this is fair game. Where are they? They wouldn’t talk about Obama’s communist mentor or his racist, Marxist preacher but they need to reform their ways and follow Trump’s model.

Where are the women defending women in Bill’s single-handed war on women?

A shocking new book claims that while president, Bill Clinton tried to seduce former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy in a wrestling match at her New York apartment. She thought he was just like JFK .

Jackie said she was “flattered” but “not interested.”

According to the UK Daily Mail, the book, “Bill and Hillary: So This Is That Thing Called Love,” by Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince, contains a number of shocking accusations about the Clintons’ relationship — including a revelation, according to Page Six, that Hillary once demanded Bill take an HIV test because of the frequency of his dalliances.

Then there is Roger Stone, author of the New York Times bestselling “The Clinton’s War On Women”, who claims to have personal knowledge of previously unknown victims who are preparing to come forward with accusations against the former president.

“I identified 24 women who’ve been assaulted by Bill Clinton,” Stone said on The Sean Hannity Show. “Now some of these women are still terrified. Some of them have had IRS audits. Some of them have had their families threatened. But others have come forward.”

There are new victims we didn’t know about!

Stone said not all of them will come forward because they are terrified. Their families have been threatened and their lives have been threatened.

“Are we talking about affairs, or are we talking about assaults?” asked Hannity.

“We’re talking about assaults,” declared Stone. “I don’t want to get out ahead of myself but I think as Broaddrick, and [Kathleen] Willey, and Jones speak out, other women are encouraged who have been assaulted, who have been threatened by Hillary are encouraged by the courage of those three women.”


Juanita Broaddrick told Breitbart on Wednesday that she is talking about the assault again because she wants the younger generation to know who these people are. She said she doesn’t need this at age 73.

She slammed Hillary as “disgusting” for allegedly attempting to silence Broaddrick years ago while the Democratic frontrunner insisted in a recent campaign ad that women have a right to be believed if they accuse men of sexual assault.

“I thought, that’s the most disgusting thing,” Broaddrick told Breitbart of Hillary’s ad. “She tried to silence me.”

“I’m 73 years old, Aaron. Why would I want to bring this on myself other than to do right? So many people don’t really know. They weren’t around then. I think now they are waking up. When they see a woman abused and is coming forward I think it’s going to mean a lot.”

I can’t wait until he has to explain Jeffrey Epstein.

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough had the same thought.

Trump is doing a service bringing this up. The youth have to find out who Bill Clinton is and how horrible the 8 years under him really were.

During the exchange on Morning Joe today, Scarborough said. “What we do all the time and we’ll actually say what people say off the air and not saying off the air and not attribute anything to the. I talking about over the past — since 2008. Leading into 2008, everybody that came on the air talked about the same three women that Bill Clinton was having an affair with in 2008 and said, ‘It’s going to destroy his campaign.’ And, ‘It’s going to this and it’s going to that and it’s going to come out and everybody can repeat, give the three women’s names, where they’re from, their positions. That’s the thing that’s kind of remained quiet. The same thing with John Edwards and the affair he was having.”

Scarborough added that it’s not only right wingers making the accusations now.

“There’s going to be a big problem because of Bill Clinton and there’s always a swirl and it’s not by right wingers, it’s by the most powerful people in media and they’re always going like these would be really bad, bad issues for Hillary and Bill if anybody had the guts to bring it up,” Scarborough added. “Nobody does. That’s what makes Donald Trump more dangerous than any person out there. He will bring up stuff that nobody else will bring up and anybody thinking in the Clinton campaign that they’re going to get a break because it’s Donald Trump doing this instead of Jeb Bush, you are in lala land because there are no rules when it comes to Donald Trump for any of us, for any of us, anybody, anywhere.”


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