UKs Vaccinated Suffer Far Higher Rates of Infection Than Unvaccinated


Most of the UK’s vaccinated population are suffering far higher rates of infection than the unvaccinated, and it is getting worse by the day, The Expose UK reports based on official UK data.

The UK’s Health Security Agency publishes detailed Covid statistics, which, for the last 7 weeks, have been tabulated by age-group and vaccination status. This gives a wealth of information.

The Agency says most vaccinated suffer substantially higher rates of infection.

All of the UK’s 30-and-over vaccinated now endure far higher rates of infection than their unvaccinated counterparts

The UK has vaccinated its population mostly in age order, from oldest to youngest, and very recently began vaccinating its under-18-year-old cohort. Being the UK’s most freshly vaccinated, they exhibit a very high degree of resistance to Covid infection.

This very recently vaccinated cohort benefits from a 90% improvement in their infection rates, meaning their case incidence is 10 times better than that of their unvaccinated counterparts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last very long.

The previous UK age-group to be vaccinated was the 18–29-year-old cohort, of which half was fully vaccinated by some 9 weeks ago. While still doing better than the unvaccinated of their age, they have nevertheless lost the greater part of their relative resistance to infection. If they continue their trajectory, week 12 will see that benefit completely gone.

The earlier vaccinated age-group was the 30–39 cohort. Half was fully vaccinated around week 27, and by week 39 (again some 12 weeks later) had lost their enhanced infection resistance. For at least for these two cohorts, it would seem their vaccine induced resistance reduced to zero in under 3 months.

From there, the vaccinated descend into negative territory.

The entire 40-79 vaccinated cohort is deeply negative, now below minus 50%, meaning they suffer more than double the infection rate of their unvaccinated counterparts, and there is no obvious end in sight.

Who knows when and where it might bottom out.

Unvaccinated are enjoying lower infection rates and the vaccinated are heading in the opposite direction.

Read the information and the charts at The Expose UK.

We don’t know why this is happening, but it is clear there is no basis for vaccination passports.

The UK uses Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen, and Astra Zeneca vaccines.

Biden Doesn’t Follow the Science

On that note, the man with dementia in the White House has instituted COVID traveler rules while allowing anonymous illegal aliens to pour in non-stop, by the thousands each day.

The rules which DO NOT apply to illegal aliens or refugees are:

The first requires non-U.S. citizens traveling into the country, who are not immigrants, to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and provide proof of vaccination status prior to boarding their flight.

If a traveler to the United States is not vaccinated, they are required to show a negative COVID-19 test that is less than a day old to board their plane regardless of citizenship.

Another new rule requires fully vaccinated travelers to the United States to show a negative COVID-19 test within three days of departure.

The final order requires travelers to provide contact information to airlines before boarding flights to the United States.

The two million who came in illegally so far can have every disease known to man as long as they vote for Democrats when they can vote.

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8 months ago

The Covid Shots are a failure; just like the Annual Flu Shot. The CDC and FDA refuse to admit they were wrong and their “guidance” killed Hundreds of Thousands. We should have focused on Therapeutics in addition to a vaccine. The CDC and FDA still refuse to acknowledge Natural Immunity because they believe in better life through chemistry and don’t believe in God, Mother Nature, or Common Sense.

Reading through a lot of modern vaccination data, it appears that many modern vaccines or like a sugar high. Your body goes crazy manufacturing “unneeded” antibodies and your immune system becomes exhausted then crashes. With an exhausted Immune system you have less immunity than normal. What we don’t know yet is will your immune system recover and how long will that take.

Testing people before coming to the US is just a fool’s errand. They are increasingly likely to come in contact with infected people as soon as they hit JFK or any other airport since airport workers are being required to be vaccinated. Governments love to do stupid things that make it look like they are doing something when they should just do nothing. If anything everyone should be given a 15 minute test upon arrival and quarantined if needed.