UN Rescue Committee Demands More Refugee Resettlement in the West


Syrian refugees at Keleti Station, Budapest
Syrian refugees at Keleti Station, Budapest

The International Rescue Committee and the other federal contractors (paid by taxpayers to resettle refugees) have signed on to an open letter to world leaders to demand permanent resettlement of almost exclusively Muslim Syrians and Iraqis in the West.

The letter is written “to Global Leaders in advance of the UNHCR High Level Meeting on Global Responsibility Sharing through Pathways for Admission of Syrian Refugees on March 30 in Geneva.” Barack Obama will be in Geneva. I can’t wait for his speech about how we must take them in though they can’t be vetted.

Despite the terrorism and poverty it has brought to areas of Europe, the US-funded ‘non-profits’ push forward.

What is needed are safe zones carved out by the so-called alliance Obama has formed. The people need to be in their own countries.

According to these ‘non-profits’, “resettlement is a necessary complement to increased humanitarian aid and redoubled diplomatic efforts to secure a lasting peace.”  Indeed the opposite is true when it’s massive, unsustainable, and the people coming have values diametrically opposed to the West.

So far, Obama hasn’t been effective in getting his 10,000 plus Syrian refugees into the country, more like 1500 to 2,000, but he and his Democrats have made it clear they want 65,000 to 100,000 of them.

We don’t know how many Muslim refugees he is taking in however or how many illegal Muslims cross the border. The DHS has released NO numbers since 2013. From 2009 to 2013, Obama let 680,000 Muslims in and 59,000 crossed over illegally in 2014 alone.

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6 years ago

This is all bad stuff. Firstly the UN group should be told to shut up ,because History shows Islamist were the biggest Slave users and suppliers always have been. The black africans were the handlers of slaves in America. Now this release World Wide of Islamist is causing so much strife everywhere and to keep on bringing more Islamic Men is irresponsible.Obama has a finger in this pie as a final goodbye gift to America. The UN should control these breakaway groups better.When you talk about desisive the UN and Human rights groups are the leaders. All Western countries require to sort this Massive release of Imigrants before they can entertain any further commitment and this could take some time as records are bad.

6 years ago

It is mainly Catholic Charities who are sponsoring these refugees/migrants and of course we know the Pope thinks we ought to be taking more of them