Understanding A Totalitarian Political Revolution


The following information is excerpted from the writings of Frederick Engels who wrote this in 1847. I limited my commentary. The information summarized here was published by Eduard Bernstein in 1914 in the German Social Democratic Party’s Vorwärts, and it gives a good summary of what totalitarian movements are at their soul, and how they succeed.

Communism, according to Engels,  is the liberation of the proletariat, the wage slaves if you will, from the capitalists.

Communism or Progressivism calls for collectivism, and the elimination of  individual freedom. Ownership of  private property is viewed as the soul of the demon because they believe it drives people to seek individual goals. Their vision is for all wealth and private property to be evenly distributed among the population, no matter who earns it. There is no private ownership. Everything belongs to everyone.  You see, if we don’t  “own” anything, we are able to work “unselfishly” as a collective for the “common good.”

Our country’s ideals stress the value of the individual, while Communism stresses the collective. One thrives on freedom, and the other thrives on control and power.

These two “ideals” are antithetical, and cannot co-exist. Communism and its little sisters, Socialism and Democratic Socialism, demand the overthrow of free markets and private ownership. Forces behind Totalitatianism and Individual Freedom are fighting for supremacy in our government today. In my opinion, it is a political revolution.

The totalitarian movement began in the late 1800’s. Society was seen as divided into two social classes, as a direct result of the Industrial Revolution, which Communists disdained because they believed the Industrial Revolution unfairly discarded hand artisans for machines.

One social class was that of the Capitalists or bourgeoisie, who were seen as being in “exclusive possession of all the means of subsistence and the materials necessary for the means of subsistence..” The second is the “…wholly propertyless, the proletariat, the workers, who were obliged to sell their labor to the bourgeoisie in exchange for subsistence.”

The environment that bred this ideology was without much of a middle class, which is not the case today. However, the ideology persists, as if nothing has changed, as if the middle class does not exist, as if all Capitalists are solely an evil ruling class. Communists must destroy any concept of United States “exceptionalism.” Workers or the proletariat are still portrayed as people who sell labor by the hour as if they were serfs.

In actuality, the only thing destroying the middle class are the policies of our government, including the current and previous administrations.

In order for progressive ideology to succeed, there cannot be a successful, free capitalist nation, thus, the United States becomes a target of hatred. The progressive communist movement must be worldwide.

Communists, then and now, see free markets and competition as the “public declaration that the members of society are unequal to the extent their capitals are unequal, because capital is the decisive power.”  Therefore, capitalists become the first class in society.

Communists see the solution to the “unequal” distribution of wealth in the destruction of competition, and the replacement with “association.” Under this system, all production is taken out of the hands of the individual, and given to society as a whole, to be operated by the “whole.” In order for this to happen, private property must be abolished.

The goal of communism or progressivism has always been the gradual abolition of  private property as the “means of production” becomes of sufficient quantity to be shared so all may live in palaces communally.  The transformation of society for the creation of a communal society is the end result.

How do the Communists aka Progressives take over private property? They do it through progressive taxation, heavy inheritance taxes, forced loans, et al. Another means to the end is the gradual takeover of private companies by employing government competition to drive them out of business. Other means to the end are to form industrial armies, especially of agriculture, educate children in national institutions at national cost, establish communal living on government land, destruction of unhealthy buildings in urban districts, concentration of all means of transportation, et cetera. This information is not mine, they are from the Engels writings.

The new social order of Progressivism is one in which all people live together peacefully because all crises will have been removed. In this idyllic world, all production and living conditions will be controlled to provide abundant supply, and out of that will come progress.

In a perfect world, people might want to do their best to support all the rest of those who do not or cannot (editor’s note – not my perfect world). The truth, however, in our imperfect world, is that the more we take incentives away from people, the less they will produce, unless we do as the Chinese do and violate their human rights to make them do it.

Don’t believe me, look at this communist declaration – read here: Marxism 

There are no guns pointed at our heads, no armored tanks in the streets, but political revolutions are insidious that way.