University of California Allows Hamas Students to Threaten Jewish Students


University of California U.C. Davis campus was the scene of vile anti-Semitic attacks as the student government, prompted by pro-Palestinian – Hamas – students, voted to boycott Israel.

The boycott, divestment and sanctions movement – the BDS movement – is driven by Hamas.

When Israel supporters tried to voice complaints, they were shouted down to chants of Allahu Akbar, the words that have been used during the beheadings and bombings of innocent Americans.

A university that allows this has a sick culture.

The far-leftists hate Jews, they hate America, and they support terrorist organizations such as BDS. Many of these people are the teachers and leaders on our college campuses.


The far-left and revolutionary Islamists have joined forces on campuses, in Ferguson, and in the Occupy movement.


Azka Fayyaz, a member of the U.C. Davis student senate, posted on her Facebook page a boastful message following the vote: “Hamas & Sharia law have taken over UC Davis.”


It didn’t stop there. She posted that she expected Israel will fall insha’Allah.”

Every one of these foreign students needs to be sent back to their native countries. Those that aren’t foreigners need to be disciplined and hate crimes need to be banned.

After the event, the Jewish fraternity house was tagged with Swastikas. Police are trying to find the guilty parties.

swastikas on fraternity house

At least the university will not abide by the vote to boycott but what discipline will these terrorist students face for threatening the pro-Israel students, chanting Allahu Akbar when others tried to speak.

It’s not unusual unfortunately, it’s the way it is on some campuses now.

This is frightening to anyone who has adequate knowledge of WW II.

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