University Students on Probation After Using a Gun in Self-Defense


Erik Fagan and Dan McIntosh

Seniors Erik Fagan (l) and Dan McIntosh (R)

Campus police seized the guns of two Gonzaga University students who used a gun to protect themselves from a six-time convicted felon who forcibly attempted to break into their dorm. He demanded money.

As the man was trying to break in, one of the students ran for his gun and showed it to the intruder, which scared him off.

The seniors, Erik Fagan and Dainel McIntosh, wanted to protect themselves after an incident in late October when a convicted felon came to their door, also to demand money.

The campus  handbook does not allow guns on campus and they faced expulsion for peacefully ending a potentially dangerous and volatile situation.  The school officials decided to put the students on probation. Both students will appeal.

The university’s rule protects the felons and not the students unfortunately. The rules trump their right to self-defense.

The university has a right to their rules but do they have the right to leave their students unprotected as they obviously have? If they can’t protect the students, they need to let them arm themselves. Guidelines for a student bringing a gun on campus could be stiff. It’s hard to understand why there is no flexibility.

The owner of the gun, Dan McIntosh, has a concealed carry permit and did not know it was in violation of campus rules.

The felon pictured below, John Taylor, was later arrested on an outstanding warrant.John Taylor

Gonzaga University is in Spokane, Washington.

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This video was made before the campus made their decision when they faced expulsion:



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