US Bomber Pilots Won’t ‘Stoop to the Level of Our Enemy’ by Actually Bombing


WARNING PAMPHLETS were dropped on ISIS targets 45 minutes before a bombing sortie on an oil line. Obama and his pawns in CENTCOM want to limit harm to civilians because they don’t think ISIS drive the trucks. That’s what they did on their first bombing of an oil line. It took them over a year to get to this point.

Russia and France bombing oil lines forced him into doing something. The US is barely bombing ISIS targets in general.

The warning leaflets were dropped before hitting a convoy of ISIS – some pickup trucks and tankers. While Obama is playing games, ISIS is destroying peoples’ lives.

When you read what the leaflets said, you will think it’s satire.


The leaflets read: “Get out of your trucks now and run away from them.”

Another message stated: “Warning: airstrikes are coming. Oil trucks will be destroyed. Get away from your oil trucks immediately. Do not risk your life,” according to the Pentagon.

Col Warren
Col Steve Warren

Col. Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, confirmed the warning messages in a recent briefing to reporters discussing the strikes.

“In Al-Bukamal, we destroyed 116 tanker trucks, which we believe will reduce ISIL’s ability to transport its stolen oil products,” Warren explained. “This is our first strike against tanker trucks, and to minimize risks to civilians, we conducted a leaflet drop prior to the strike.”

“And so, these are the leaflets that we dropped—about 45 minutes before the airstrikes actually began,” Warren said. “Again, we combine these leaflet drops with very low altitude passes of some of our attack aviation, which sends a very powerful message,” reported.

I’m sure ISIS is shuddering but then their hearts are warmed to the overwhelming kindness of the United States and they are probably so grateful that they will cut our heads off as soon as they can.

Obviously, the US is not at war.

As it is, 75% of the bombing missions are blocked by Barack Obama and three-quarters of the planes return with their bombs. In October, the US flew only 107 sorties. Obama can tell the French President and the world that he stands in solidarity with France, but he won’t do actually do anything. Today, he said Russia is welcome to join in the coalition.

Hollande is trying to form a coalition but haven’t we been told innumerable times that Obama has a 65-member coalition. Where are they? Who are they? When is someone going to ask Obama what actions his coalition members have taken?

Hollande went home empty handed today. Obama’s endless speech was a real snoozer.

Snopes had problems with conservative reportage because obviously the operation didn’t directly involve Obama. They see him as an uninvolved observer of sorts. They also objected to Col. Warren’s entire commentary not being included, but if you read the entire presser, it might sound worse to you. It demonstrates how long it took them to decide how to bomb an oil line – something like 13 months.

Snopes was also concerned that conservative bloggers accused Obama of warning ISIS before a strike.

It hardly matters. They were warned – that’s the point.

It took the US over a year to figure out how to destroy oil tankers and then they realized they could send flyers warning the truck drivers.

Russian airstrikes, by way of comparison destroyed 472 terrorist targets in Syria in 48 hours, 1,000 oil tankers in 5 days, according to RT Today. They included the videos of the bombings to prove it.

An official who spoke with Free Beacon said they – the military – “will not stoop to the level of our enemy”.

He’d rather see some of our citizens get killed.

We will also not defeat the enemy but we know Obama doesn’t like to win! He said he doesn’t believe in winners or in victory.

Obama has absolutely no clue what an enemy is, what a military is and what it is supposed to do. Obama has been referred to as the “reluctant warrior”. Yes, another term would be “reluctant coward.”



Source: Free Beacon



  1. let’s re-cap:
    this administrations’ response to the isis ‘junior varsity has been going on for over a year; and in that time our latest nemesis in the ‘war on terror’ has solidified it’s geography in al-raqqah and mosul, and in doing so, has enforced it’s state-like holdings in syria and iraq.
    so much for our ‘robust’ 65 member coalition.

    russia, on the other hand, began it’s aerial campaign against the daesh terrorists in late september and was promptly rewarded with a retaliatory strike against a commercial airliner in which over two hundred of it’s citizens perished. common sense beguiles one to think mr. putin’s direct approach was pissing mr. bakr and the saudis off. now this could have been an outlier in geo-political real-politic were it not for today’s indiscretion by mr. erdogan’s fly-boys.

    our treasury department issued a statement a while back that affirmed isis was trafficking black-market oil from iraq and syria to turkey and the payments were transacted through mr. erdogan’s banks to the tune of a million or more ‘a day’. last week the russians initiated attacks against oil tanker transports from syria into turkey. this morning turkish aircraft attacked a russian fighter jet and the crew were killed by ‘syrian moderates’ as they tried to parachute to safety.

    it’s time to ask ourselves; what would mr. jefferson say? …b

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