USC Student-Statists Attempt to Shut Down Free Speech Over Ann Coulter



Update: 11/12;13: The hoopla over Ann Coulter’s appearance at USC went nowhere. Nothing happened. Four student protesters made a little noise and there were others who were unimpressed. Four hundred students showed for Ann Coulter’s speech. Read more at Neon Tommy’s.


The college Republicans at USC have invited conservative pundit, Ann Coulter, to speak on campus and they’ve been met with a firestorm of protest from what seems to be a large number of students.

The anti-Coulter students are preparing protests in anticipation of her speech this Sunday. Some students have been attempting to completely shut down her free speech and the free speech of those who would hear her speak. They have emailed the campus officials and asked that she be cancelled.

So many people on the far-left are allowed to speak, why not hear out the other side?

It’s unfortunate they are so closed-minded, they might learn something if they would hear her out.

Coulter also has her defenders among the student body who say they want to be exposed to diverse opinions.  Others are calling her vile, xenophobic, Islamophobic, and a hate monger. Those students have obviously never listened to Ann Coulter, perhaps they’ve heard soundbites taken out of context.

Coulter is provocative, no doubt about that, but she is not a hateful person.

The students who invited her are being made to pay for the campus security and develop a protest reaction plan. I’m just wondering why it’s up to them and do they do that when a leftist like Bill Ayers comes in to speak?

You can check out the Facebook page  for yourself. Make a comment in support of the college Republicans who are standing up for the right to free speech if you have time!

One comment from the college Republicans reads: “OK so everyone’s spamming the Ann Coulter event page now, explaining how disgusted they are that either 1) such a troll as Ann Coulter could be invited to USC campus or 2) such a racist hatemonger …”

I personally love this comment on the Facebook page: “Indonesia is my home. It is a place where it can be dangerous to speak what you believe. What happen to America? Before it is a great country. Suppose to be a land of freedom where anyone can speak without fear. Now look what Obama and his people is doing to your country? Cannot speak. Cannot be heard. Cannot disagree. Just like my poor country. I am afraid these people are taking America and is going backwards. Very stupid and very sad. Who will be left to stand for freedom after America falls?”

Other comments:

“if you’re going to bring a xenophobic demagogue onto campus, at least bring one with some political clout… not even republicans take coulter seriously, shrill banshee of anti-muslim, anti-arab hate that she is. might i suggest peter king? ray kelley? celine dion, even.”

“I’m gonna be really surprised if this women makes it out of USC alive lol,” wrote one student on the event’s evite on Facebook. “Based upon her ignorance and the amount of hate she’s brought, I expect a riot this Sunday. Not advocating such a thing of course but if it were my decision.”

“Really looking forward to this event. Thank you for inviting her. I love her non-PC approach.”

The courageous president of the college Republicans, Jennifer Massey, said: “The vile hatred is ridiculous, it’s crazy,” she said. “We don’t get many conservative speakers on campus. We believe in free speech.”

“You should have her job. You’re more well spoken, you are not hateful and slandering and most important, you look like a woman. Ann Coulter is a man in drag.”

“College Campuses need the perspective of an Ann Coulter whether or not you agree with everything she says. Ironically, the so-called “proponents” for free speech are only for it if you agree with them…”

The following comment was from a gentleman with a Spanish name: “If the left would just attend the event and listen to Ann they may just realize that she makes sense. I guarantee the majority of folks that critizice her don’t really know her views and haven’t read her books. You don’t have to agree with her. She’s just not this evil person some make her out to be.”


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