VA Refuses Kid’s Christmas Cards Meant for Sick Vets


Merry Christmas from the Veterans Administration. Just kidding, they apparently don’t wish anyone a Merry Christmas. They banned Christmas, or at least they banned Christmas cards from elementary school children meant for sick veterans.

no cards for vets

Fifty-two students at Grace Academy in Prosper, Texas spent a day writing thoughtful loving messages they were planning to hand deliver to the VA in Dallas. They were kept from doing that because they were told there was a policy against religious messaging and phrasing.

Would someone explain to these leftists in Dallas and in our government that Christmas is a National Holiday and a secular holiday as well as a religious holiday.

One parent said, “This wasn’t the country I grew up in, when you couldn’t say ‘Merry Christmas,’ you couldn’t say ‘God bless you’ or reference any scripture,” she said.

The teacher at Grace Academy who thought of the idea, Susan Chapman, is married to a veteran and volunteers at the American Legion and other veterans organizations. “It really didn’t occur to me there would be a problem with distributing Christmas cards,” said Chapman.

When Mrs. Chapman called to arrange to bring the cards, she was surprised to be told the VA couldn’t accept anything that said, ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘God bless you’ or any scriptural references because of all the red tape.’

Once the VA was caught, they ‘clarified’ the policy in the handbook:

‘In order to be respectful of our Veterans religious beliefs, all donated holiday cards are reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team of staff led by Chaplaincy services and determined if they are appropriate (non-religious) to freely distribute to patients. After the review is complete, the holiday cards that reference religious and/or secular tones are then distributed by Chaplaincy Service on a one-on-one basis if the patient agrees to the religious reference in the holiday card donation. The holiday cards that do not contain religious and/or secular tones are distributed freely to patients across the Health Care System. We regret this process was not fully explained to this group and apologize for any misunderstanding.’

Mrs. Chapman said she doesn’t know what their definition of ‘appropriate’ is. I’d like to know why they need a multi-disciplinary team to look at cards.

The children were described as heartbroken that the vets they were meant for won’t get to see them.

The cards will be shipped to a private veterans facility in Louisiana.

Can you imagine trying to make Christmas a National Holiday today? If Grant hadn’t made it an official holiday, they wouldn’t make it one now. The Administration would be happy to give the communist Cesar Chavez a day however.

The country has officially gone bonkers.

This isn’t an isolated incident.

Students from Augusta’s Alleluia Community School “were prevented from singing traditional holiday songs such as ‘Silent Night’ and ‘O Come All Ye Faithful” to veterans at the Charlie Norwood VA Hospital according to wrcbtv.

A spokesman for the hospital, Brian Rothwell, said in a statement:

“military service members represent people of all faiths. He said that VA rules on ‘spiritual care’ are in place out of respect for every faith.”

So when do the book burnings start? This is so far beyond PC. Way beyond.

Full story at Fox and at wrcbtv

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