Venezuela Has a New Dictator to Take Care of the People


There is a new thug in town
There is a new thug in town

When Hugo Chavez died, the people tearfully wondered who would take care of them. Nicolas Maduro, the Vice President, campaigned for a day at Hugo’s funeral and then appointed himself Interim President, giving the people their new daddy.

CBS News reported that Maduro is the Socialist VP who Chavez declared his successor before he died. One opposition leader, Angel Medina, protested, saying it violated the constitution.

I doubt statists like Maduro care about the constitution.

Maduro vowed to stick to the socialist agenda:

“I swear by the most absolute loyalty to comrade Hugo Chavez that we will fulfill and see that it’s fulfilled the constitution … with the iron fist of a people ready to be free,” Maduro said.

It’s so peculiar to hear a statist who wants to control every aspect of his peoples’ lives claim he is freeing them.

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles, a likely candidate for president in the upcoming election, said Maduro used the funeral to campaign for the presidency, which he did. He believes it is illegal to campaign for the position of president while holding the position. Maduro is pushing for a quick election to ride the wave of emotion over the loss of the beloved dictator.




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