Veterans’ Lives Matter But Not for Many in Congress



“It is amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication somehow think that we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it.”

~ Thomas Sowell

Have you ever heard of the Veterans Affairs Accountability Act of 2015?

The VA Accountability Act of 2015 (H.R. 1994) as amended, would provide the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) increased flexibility in removing VA employees for performance or misconduct; would provide improved protections for whistleblowers including restricting bonus awards for supervisors who retaliate against whistleblowers; and would strengthen accountability and performance measures for VA Senior Executive Service (SES) employees.

It would permit the firing of incompetents who are literally killing our vets and improve the financial and operating mechanics of this failed government agency. Veterans’ Live Matter!

But sadly, not to Democrats who tried their best to kill the bill. All but one voting against it was a Democrat. Unions most assuredly didn’t like the bill.

Thankfully, the Republicans stood tall and voted it through. Now many lives will be saved by removing those incompetents whose responsibility is to keep our vets healthy and strong.

Those who tried to kill the bill are primarily Obama zombies. In the list of nay votes is Ted Deutch, who always boasts of how proud he is of his Dad who fought in Europe, and who voted to kill this bill. Evidently, his loyalty to our veterans is restricted to his talks to his constituents. He couldn’t care less about them.

Check out the way your Representative voted on this link.

This comes on the news of more ineffectiveness by the Veterans Affairs administration.

In February, VA Secretary Robert McDonald promised people would be fired. He told “Meet the Press” that 900 were fired since he became secretary and 60 were fired for manipulating wait times, Allen West reported Thursday.

The facts are different however. The Washington Post reported that 75 employees were recommended for disciplinary action since June 2014 and, of that number, only 8 were removed.

The Washington Times reported that more than 300,000 dead veterans are still in the VA computers as actively signed up for healthcare. The 860,000-claim backlog has not been cleared up and it’s obviously too late for the 300,000.

These VA workers aren’t even able to do the basics.

They also deleted another 10,000 benefit applications without ever processing them and 13% have been waiting for a decision for more than five years.

This is according to the agency’s Inspector General.

Ironically, tens of thousands of veterans received emails this week explaining how hard the VA was working to cut the backlog in half in just one year. It’s dishonest propaganda. We have the money for millions of illegal immigrants but not for our veterans and we can’t fire incompetents in the VA.

May 12, 2008, Obama’s meaningless rhetoric:

Obama sets up a fall guy, May 30, 2014. If he let director Shinseki fire incompetent employees, it would have helped quite a bit:

  • I’m a disabled Vet from the war in Afghanistan. I fought a little over 7 years & after getting no where, using the American Legion, I called my local State Senators office. They sent me a letter to sign, in order to represent me. Not even a month latter, I received my award letter & my disability rating. But! What pisses me off, is the demeaning & low pay we receive. I have had one vehicle repossessed on me & that was before I even received my award letter. I live paycheck to paycheck & can’t do anything nor get ahead, all because this ridiculous paycheck. I have a family to support & other bills to pay & they really expect me to survive on this?
    My point is, we Disabled Veterans get pissed on, while the majority of those in Washington, vote to give themselves huge pay increases, bonuses & get their pockets lined, while we disabled Vets. live on the lines of poverty.
    Just reading this story & me talking about this, has got me pissed. I’m sick of struggling & how I & all of our other disabled Vets get pissed on, with crappy care from the VA, waiting years to get care, waiting years to get our disability pay & living off this shitty paycheck. I’m sick & tired of this Muslim President & all his puppets who don’t give a rats ass about us.
    Oh, let me not forget to mention, I have had to put my house up for sale too & now will have to find a run down crappy place to rent. I’m not living outside my means either nor trying to keep up with the elite. My wife had to leave her job to be my full time caregiver & yet the jacked up VA denied her the caregiver pay. The lady said, it’s for those with loss of limbs. I hope those with loss of limbs get it & their spouses do deserve it, but I suffer from TBI & PTSD & my back is torn out of place, because of a I.E.D blast, but they don’t want to pay my wife for all she does for me?!?!
    Approximately 99% of those in Washington never served in the Military nor at war, so they don’t give a damn about how bad we Vets really suffer & scrape by. Piss on Obama & his other whores in Washington. I just hope we get a President that will actually take care of our Military & us Veterans.

    • James, first of all, thank you for your service and sacrifices. Secondly, I am so sorry. What state are you living in? Maybe I can find more help for you.

    • James…I am a Vietnam Veteran. I won’t go into detail about my fight with the VA. I am fed up…pissed off…my PTSD meter is about to burst. BUT…I’m tired of just being pissed off and fighting the VA here on a local level. It’s time to go national. I am organizing a march on DC to be attended by veterans who have served and are getting the shaft from the VA. If you’d like to attend, I will be sending info about the details when I pull it all together. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am surrounded by veterans who are ready for some action. Yesterday, I received an email: Here’s how things went. (I have contacted my Congressman and have challenged him to join my movement. My movement is called “VETERANS’ LIVES MATTER”…taking clues from the vocal minority who seem to get their unfair share of attention.)

      As a Vietnam Veteran who served in an area of Nam that was heavily sprayed with AO, I have issues that have been determined to be ‘presumptive to exposure of AO”. I filed a claim and the VA denied my claim because I did not seek treatment or file a claim within one year of exposure. I was in Nam in 1969-1970. Upon leaving and years after Nam, nobody told me or anyone else that we should seek medical evaluation. The regulation that limited the time for filing a claim was not even passed until late ’80’s or early 90’s.

      The VA’s has been under pressure to get caught up with veterans’ claims. One method to give the appearance of accomplishing this goal is to deny legitimate claims and send them off to the Appeals invisible universe. It takes years for a veteran to even get a hearing to address his appeal. In the mean time, the employees of the VA get to feel like they have done a great job and get huge annual bonuses for ‘jobs well done’. Those millions of dollars in bonuses need to be redirected to hiring more employees who will actually help veterans. As it is, the VA is not there to help veterans. Their mission is to set up roadblocks to legitimate disability claims and hope the veterans either give up or die. Either way, their mission is complete and more bonuses are coming to them. Yes, my PTSD is in full view right now.

      I have no hope that this panel will do anything to aid veterans with conditions from AO exposure. Nobody in Congress gives a rip about little discussion groups such as this pane. It’s going to take a mass move on DC in front of Congress and/or on the steps of the Capitol Building, which I am organizing right now. We need to be as vocal and noisy as the “Black Lives Matter” movement has become. I say “Veterans Lives Matter”! You can join us or continue to have your little self aggrandizing panel meetings in obscure settings. Our VLM movement is gaining stream. Join us our get out of the way.
      Dan Scott
      Jenks, Oklahoma

      “I MUST BE OFF!!”

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  • I am a 20% disabled veteran of Afghanistan and also retired from the Army with 26 years of total service. The VA sends me a disability check each month but the Army subtracts the exact amount of my VA check (less taxes) from my retirement pay. Although I am in no way in financial trouble, it totally pisses me off that the US government steals my VA disability check each month. There is no connection between my retirement check and my disability check except my military service. I understand the Congress passed a law so that they could steal my disability check and that some in Congress have attempted to overturn the law but it dies in committee each session of Congress. “Thank you for your service” rings hollow for me.