Virginia Will Get the Dirty Late-Term Abortion Clinics They Voted For


Gov. Terry McAuliffe will gut Virginia’s abortion clinic requirements. It’s in the works.

State Health Commissioner Dr. Marissa Levine in a letter to Gov. McAuliffe said that “requirements for Facility Design and Construction should be reviewed and updated.”

Drug laws need to be updated, according to Levine.

She also wants to “clarify” requirements for parental consent.

In May, McAuliffe replaced five members of the Board of Health with people who will support his gutting of abortion clinic regulations, Lifesite news reported.

In a nod to his big backers – Planned Parenthood and Naral Pro-Choice – McAuliffe is slithering into changes that will allow abortion clinics to revert back to their seedy practices and noncompliance with hospital procedures and safety measures. It also means that parents might never know their children are going to one of these clinics. As an aside, it will allow the pedophiles a place to drop their victims with no questions asked.

Laughably, McAuliffe says in one video that women must have access to “healthier care” as he makes abortion clinics less safe. He also insinuates deceitfully that he is protecting women from the loss of birth control rights. No one is in danger of losing their birth control rights. How stupid are women?

Read The Federalist to find out what horrors have actually been taking place in Virginia where they want to weaken rules and regulations.

For example, Dr. Steven Brigham was found guilty on several counts of gross negligence, deception, and official misconduct in New Jersey and other states for what he has allowed to take place within his two Virginia abortion clinics.

His medical license was revoked in New Jersey but not in Virginia. He is free to operate as he had in New Jersey and elsewhere with two Virginia abortion clinics.

What got Brigham (who is probably a sociopath) in trouble is having started late-term abortions on five women and then insisting they drive themselves to his clinic in Maryland.

He had injected the babies, killing them,in Voorhess and then had the mothers drive to the Maryland clinic where the dead babies were removed. He didn’t perform the full abortion in New Jersey so he didn’t have to comply with their laws for abortions over 14 weeks.

One of Brigham’s five patients suffered a lacerated uterus and bowel, requiring she be airlifted to Johns Hopkins Hospital for surgery.

He pretended he was a caring doctor but he was out to make money just as McAuliffe pretends he cares about women’s health but is out to pay back Planned Parenthood and NARAL for their unrelenting support during the election.

According to Federalist reporter, Mollie Hemingway, one physician she observed never once sterilized or washed his hands. He apparently never does, he wears gloves she was told.

The Federalist: “In two years, inspections by public health officials of Virginia’s 18 abortion centers have uncovered more than 400 health and safety violations, including bloody and unsterilized equipment, untrained staffs, and violations of parental consent laws.”

“At Brigham’s Virginia Beach abortion center, during a March 2014 inspection Virginia public health officials discovered that for 36.6 percent of patients that had medical abortions (example, through RU-486) in January 2014, a second medication or surgical procedure was required to complete the abortion,” The Federalist reported.

That’s a third!!!

They also found that at least three children, two only 14 years of age, received abortions with no evidence of parental consent.

Staff in the clinic did not disinfect or clean procedure jars and stoppers between patients.

In clinics run by Dr. William Fitzhugh in Virginia, federal narcotics laws were violated.

The solution is in the hands of Levine and McAuliffe and their solution is to simply not require them to report it. The inspections have exposed some real horrors which, unsurprisingly, go unreported by the media. The end justifies the means for the media.

They are going to gut the very necessary regulations.

If you remember, the horrors of the likes of Kermit Gosnell were made possible because, in thirty years, no one bothered to inspect his clinic.

Abortion clinics are money-making businesses and have nothing to do with women’s health.

Why did we put Kermit Gosnell in jail if we are going to sanction an “anything goes” policy for abortion clinics?

During the election, McAuliffe promised to keep substandard abortion clinics open:

McAuliffe will stop at nothing to “get a check from you.”

Terry McAuliffe supports taxpayer-funded late-term abortions. No matter when you think life begins and when it can be snuffed out for convenience sake, you have to know in your heart that unless there are life-threatening reasons, there can be no excuse for murdering a fully-developed baby. Geography can’t be the reason. Because a child is merely a couple inches from being born is not a reason.

Many people voted the way they did because they were frightened into thinking they wouldn’t keep their abortions and birth control. That was sheer nonsense. Abortion is in the Constitution.

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