Wait A Minute All You Obama-Lovers! 


They told me that OUR healthcare system was “falling apart.” Nancy and Harry told me about the rising health costs, the increases in insurance care premiums, all those people who were uninsured, and don’t forget all those “rich” doctors who were responsible for those “terrible” medical abuses. Remember all those “unnecessary surgeries?” Done just for the money!

But, “don’t worry” they said. Just look “across the pond.” Check out the Brits!! What a great system. Just let government run everything and, boy, will we be better off.

Guess what?

I DID check it out! “The Emperor is Not Wearing clothing!”

Anyone know what’s going on in England this month? 
 Their National Health Service is BROKE. Its annual budget is $168 billon dollars and is rising rapidly. Patient care is getting worse! The system is a failure!

Hey, Prime Minister Cameron, just check out ObamaCare! We’ll show you how to “fix it” – spend more! Let Barack teach you!

Amazing! Just the opposite is happening in Britain.

To fix the problems, they are proposing to –

  • Completely overhaul the state-funded healthcare system.
  • Improve patient care through better management and (ready for this one?)
  • Increase competition by allowing PRIVATE healthcare companies to compete. Oh my God! Privatization? (Isn’t a government-run system better?
  • Curb the spiraling, long-term, healthcare costs in an attempt to slash Britain’s out of control budget deficit, by REDUCING a large layer of government financial managers.
  • Giving doctors MORE responsibility to determine how most of the money is spent!

ObamaCare’s model, the British government controlled healthcare system, is a disaster and who are they looking at to fix it? None other than the greatest healthcare system in the world – our own!

Britain’s Universal Healthcare Costing Lives


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