Wanted: Gutsy Dems to Rescue Our Constitution


There have been no serious arguments against the size and scope of the GOP win. Actually descriptors like typhoon, monsoon, hurricane, and tsunami have been used by pundits and politicians of all ideological stripes. This referendum was felt in races for Congress, governor’s mansions, state houses, and even local offices.

So given the undeniable Republican ascendancy, why would they need gutsy democrats to rescue our Constitution? One, because President Obama’s clinical narcissism will not allow him to admit to either errors in policy or judgement. Two, because this delusional thinking will have him press ahead with his extra-constitutional, “pen and phone”, assault on the “supreme law” of our land. Three, because most GOP leaders, paralyzed by the president’s pigment, will likely duck a serious, principled fight….even if the very health of the Republic is at stake.

If we understand the latter point, surely Barack Obama does as well. Anyone who is uncertain had only to listen to the president’s tinged with denial, I’ll-go-it-alone, post election press conference. His reference to executive, unilateral changes to immigration reform threatens the basic tenants of our Constitution. That Barack could make this kind of imperious threat immediately following an overwhelming national repudiation of his actions should both awaken and frighten all those who’ve assumed their elected positions….only after swearing to uphold the very document his actions violate.

Sadly, to this point, aside from some lone, outraged conservative voices, the overall reaction to Obama behaving in ways Richard Nixon never dreamt, has been marked by soft commentary from Republicans and complete silence from Democrats. But now, with the dramatic shift in D.C. power, the dynamics have changed and the stakes are much, much higher. The only way for “The One” to get what he wants is to brazenly bypass an overwhelming majority in Congress….that has been duly elected to stop him from advancing his increasingly unpopular and reckless agenda.

This type of scenario shapes up as more than just a “Constitutional Crisis”. By haughtily imposing his iron-fisted, all knowing “guidance” on a free people, Obama assumes the role of an imperial, detached leader who treats American citizens as clueless “subjects”. Taking that path will have serious, unsettling consequences for our nation. King Barack proclaiming “amnesty” could mark only the beginning of a flood of “decrees” that will surely damage our country.

Paul Sperry writes about the truly frightening scenarios of an Obama one man show at the NY Post. Sperry covers Obama’s looming irresponsible, magisterial options regarding: executive nominations, the war on terror, our environment, oil, ObamaCare, Iranian nukes, and housing. It should be a must read for every member of Congress.

After this “wave election”, much of the mainstream mantra has been Republicans and Democrats need to work together to pass much needed legislation. That may be half right. Dems and GOPers need to get together all right, but their focus should be on preventing an egotist president, increasingly out of touch with reality, from continuing his assault on the Constitution.

It’s not like we’d expect Democrats to do what a group of Republican leaders did in August of 1974. Forty years ago, when it became clear Richard Nixon was out of control, powerful members of the Grand Old Party helped convince Nixon to resign.

Today we just need a couple of Dems, either out of love of country, or fear of losing reelection, to make known their “deep concerns” over President Obama’s circumventing the legislative branch of government. They could do it during a private “sit-down” with Obama, or in public statements, but it needs to be done quickly.

If they play their cards right it could be a big political win. Skittish Republicans, given courage to join in on this noble fight, will owe them. A sympathetic press, anxious to save their all time favorite prez from himself will offer laudatory coverage. Hell, it could all wind up with Democrats (ironically) being praised as gutsy patriots who stepped forward to rescue the Constitution. Gulp! O.K. Fine. Whatever it takes to spare our Republic from Obama’s statist onslaught.



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