Watch the Vile Westboro Church Protesters Get Run Out of Town


Westboro hasta la vista

Yesterday, in Moore, Oklahoma, the despicable haters of Westboro Baptist church protested at the Central Junior High School, saying that God killed the children in the tornadoes last year.

The residents of Moore lined up across the street from the Westboro picketers in a counter-protest.

Some of the Westboro maniacs began stepping on the flags (which you can see in the video) to start trouble but they turned tail and ran when some of the assembled Okies tried to cross the street, only held back by police.

The vile anti-gay group is infamous for protesting military funerals. They wrote on their website that they would protest Moore because the massive tornado that devastated the town last year was “God’s wrath” against “phony ‘Christians.’”

via Guns Across America