Weasels Bullying The Air Force


Mikey Weinstein – a weasel – is founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation which could just as easily be the We Hate Religion And Will Sue Anyone Who Disagrees Foundation. He has special contempt for Christians.

Angry Atheist
Mikey Weinstein, fighting for his right to tear down the Constitution.

In a remarkable act of cowardice, an Air Force commander (not the men and women in the Air Force) removed a newsletter article written by a colonel.

Wait until you hear what got the colonel in trouble.

Colonel Florencio Marquinez, a medical group commander in the 180th Fighter Wing of the Ohio Air National Guard said, among other things, that his faith has sustained him throughout his military career. He also said that his mother brought him to Jesus Christ.

Col. Marquinez

The colonel wrote an inspiring story about challenges he overcame and he credited God.

That’s what the Air Force leader caved on. The Navy reprinted the newsletter without the colonel’s story!

Weasel Weinstein bragged about getting his way with just one call!

“After merely speaking with me once over the phone,” Weinstein wrote, the “amazing and caring” Col. Baker “immediately recognized the seriousness of this egregious Constitutional and Air Force regulation violation.”

Who is more weasley? The Air Force Commander or Weinstein? The First Amendment is irrelevant to both of them apparently.

When do we start banning books? I guess I should call up Mikey to find out. Oh, wait, he did ban books. He banned the bible from Navy hotel rooms.

The Air Force should just give Weinstein an office in the Pentagon so he doesn’t have to be bothered making calls. He can issue memorandums directly.

Weird angry Atheists like Mikey Weinstein of the Military Freedom from Religion Foundation and the extremists at the Southern Poverty Law Center have acted as consultants to the military in cases involving religion and the military.

This is nuts. Weinstein represents about 4% of the population and he gets to decide for all the rest of us?

Other successes of his and his band of terrorists were removing “so help me God” from the Navy oath; condemning a cadet’s white board with a Bible verse; and cancelling a visit by Missouri guardsman to a church.

Watch Megyn Kelly tell Mikey to chill:

Weinstein is responsible for having nativity scenes removed from two locations in GITMO. Our soldiers aren’t allowed to enjoy Christmas because Weinstein said 18 cowardly practicing Christians and Protestants were very upset about their presence. I say cowardly because they remain anonymous.

I hear the military at GITMO are on a mission to find out who they are – if they even exist. I have my doubts.

The commanders on the base who removed the scenes are cowards too. They caved to the jerk Weinstein.

Weasel Mikey
Weasel Weinstein, giving Atheists a bad name.

Watch O’Reilly take him to the woodshed or the weasel hole.

Weinstein and his fellow extremists were responsible for shutting down the free speech of a Navy Chaplain who wrote in the Chaplain’s Corner that “there were no Atheists in foxholes.” He demanded the Chaplain be disciplined.

If you will remember, evangelizing and proselytizing on military bases became the hot topic in May of last year. Troops were banned from talking about their faith. The rules were vague and threatening, making even the mention of religion risky.

The Department of Defense, under Obama, is in line with their advisor Mikey Weinstein. A minority of far-left loons are banning God and Christianity in the military and elsewhere.

The writers of the Constitution never meant that there should be no mention of religion. They meant the opposite – everyone is allowed to mention their religion.

Atheists have been demanding Atheist military chaplains. They are passing off Humanism and atheism as religions.

The angry Atheists will go as far as the secularist Obama will let them, which is all the way to banning God and Christians. Muslims, not so much, they wouldn’t dare.

Most Atheists wouldn’t have a thing to do with weasels like Weinstein. This isn’t all Atheists. This is a small militant band of terrorists who want to bully everyone into behaving like Atheists and they are succeeding because of he cowards who embrace them.



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