What a Deal – UN Dictators Like Cuba and Iran Get to Attack US Human Rights Record


UN Human rights

In answer to Obama’s call, the UN is currently examining the US human rights record. The people questioning our record are among the world’s worst dictators.

The US administration is groveling before nation after nation who are attacking the US and demanding the US do something about the excessive use of force against blacks by police. They also demanded we do away with the death penalty, close GITMO, and do something about the NSA surveillance.

Coincidentally, those are all things Obama wants to do!

Countries attacking the US human rights record included Malaysia, Brazil, Kenya, Bolivia, El Salvador Venezuela, Cuba, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the UAE,Turkey, Qatar, Bangladesh, China, Japan, Russian Federation, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Botswanna, and Mexico as well as various other communist dictatorships in Africa and Latin America for a total of 47 nations.

This is ridiculous.

Many of these people questioning us are killers and terrorists. Their people have no freedom. Iran is executing gays, Saudi Arabia is stoning women who are raped, China forcibly rips babies from mother’s wombs, Russia sends people to Siberia for any and all dissent if they don’t kill them first. El Salvador is a narco-terrorist nation and Venezuela violently represses all opposition.

Communists like members of Van Jones’ Color of Change, the NAACP and less-than-reputable people like the family of Michael Brown demanded the UN intervene in the so-called war on blacks in the US.

The UN went from examining Boko Haram’s record to the US’s.

In 2010, the US accepted 171 recommendations out of 240. They were recommendations that met with Obama’s agenda. We first subjected ourselves to this in 2008 when President Obama came into office.

This is part of the UN’s Universal Periodic Review which they allegedly put all 193 member states through every four years.

James Cadogan, a senior pencil pusher in the justice department’s civil rights division, told the UN’s Human Rights Council that “we must rededicate ourselves to ensuring that our civil rights laws live up to their promise,” according to the Agence France-Presse.

“The tragic deaths of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Michael Brown in Missouri, Eric Garner in New York, Tamir Rice in Ohio, and Walter Scott in South Carolina have… challenged us to do better and to work harder for progress,” he said.

It was a set up of course. Obama wants us to be attacked at the UN to use as ballast for his agenda.

The dictators in the UN are only too glad to oblige.

When questioned about GITMO, Brig. Gen. Richard Gross, the legal counsel to the chairman of the U.S. joint chiefs of staff and a major embarrassment, told the council that President Barack Obama has said closing Guantanamo – in which he has been thwarted by Congress – is “a national imperative.” The remaining detainees are detained lawfully, he said.

The Ayatollah weighed in on Twitter, saying that “in the world of deception, the most racist govts become flag-bearers of human rights #US #Israel #BlackLivesMatter”

These UN clowns even went after our restrictions on foreign aid.

You can watch our humiliation live on UN Web TV.

How can we be proud as a nation with this kind of disgraceful review by terrorists and dictators? But maybe that is the idea.

We are all bowing and scraping with Obama now because this is a man who thinks little of the United States and loves the world’s dictators.


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