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The leftists want you to believe that there is no reason to do much militarily against radical Islam because the war with radical Islamists – whom they call violent terrorists – can’t be completely won militarily so we mustn’t bother at all. General Jack Keane, on the other hand, says we do not understand the enemy. The enemy is intent on a global jihad and obtaining weapons of mass destruction which they will use, he warns.

Which side do you fall on?

Leftists say that if we can’t win it 100%, there’s no need to look seriously at the military as an option. We can only take some minimal military actions that won’t upset the enemy.

Indeed, we have a president who said just yesterday in a joint press conference with Britain’s David Cameron, that Europe “shouldn’t respond with a hammer, law enforcement, and military but the stronger the ties….to French values..opportunity…that’s going to over time solve the problem.”

He believes that we can give them hugs, sing to them, and get them jobs to make it right. He is not even as aggressive as the Belgium police and made his comments in the wake of the arrests across Germany, Belgium and France. He sent a message. Hopefully, no one is listening.

Barack Obama himself has said that we can’t defeat them 100% so we can’t attempt to defeat them militarily.

We can at least weaken and dismantle them militarily but that’s not an option if Mr. Obama says we can’t defeat them out of the gate. It’s what he said about the surge.

It’s a verbal tactic he uses not based in reality.

Another tactic by leftists is to go back to blame Bush and the unpopular war. It’s a straw man.

They also claim we need the world to join us when we have NATO which Obama has consistently weakened. He is anti-NATO, anti-weaponry especially nuclear, and he is anti-war. He favors hugs, an idea he got from the Marxist professors he hung around with.

As Lt. Col. Peters said, he is still “the intellectually immature student in the Ché Guevara shirt”.

Leftists like to say Al Qaeda in Iraq didn’t exist. It did exist. It existed since the late 1990s as an anti-Israel, Palestinian group that committed the same acts of terror they commit now.

In fact, his handling of the war we won has led to a rebirth of Al Qaeda in Iraq. The Washington Institute for near East Policy reported that the US departure from Iraq in 2011 has led to a ‘remarkable resurgence’ of al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). AQI is the Salafist terror network.

ISIS originated from Al Qaeda in Iraq. Since the late 1990s, it is the Medusa in the region, it is the seed from which other terrorist groups have evolved, not because of George Bush, though the war accelerated it, but because of their hatred for our way of life.

Leftists like to say we are the cause but it’s absurd. It’s intended to get their own ideology in place.

Listen to the leftist from The Center for American Progress which is funded by socialist George Soros and run by socialist John Pedesta, Obama’s advisor and writer of fiats:

The speaker, Larry Korb, was dishonest. The leader of ISIS, al-Baghdadi, was not radicalized in the U.S. prison overseas. He was imprisoned because he was already radicalized. We didn’t do it.

Dr. Jack Keane says the problem is we do not have a strategy and radical Islam is the global security of our generation much as NAZIsm, Facism, and communism were.

“We’ve been at this for 20 years and radical Islam has quadrupled four times over”, he said.

“We didn’t create it”, he says, that’s “absolute rubbish”. This is a “geopolitical movement and their objective is to control Muslim lands” – a “Caliphate”…eventually, control the world”…their ambitions are as bad as communism but what is different is “they use jihad”. “To say our responding to jihad caused it is another failure to understand what this is”.

The leaders don’t explain it to us so they are off the hook in dealing with it, Keane states astutely.

“What makes this movement as dangerous as it is…for the entire world…is…it’s a fact, we know that one of the major underpinnings of the movement is to acquire weapons of mass destruction…is their any doubt in anyone’s mind that they would try to use that to maximum advantage in great population centers in the world?”

Can anyone argue with that?

We do not have the “kind of 20th century leadership” we have had in the past, he stated.

As Martha McCallum has said, Where’s our Winston Churchill?



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