What the Paris Climate Summit Hopes to Achieve


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“The Paris climate conference should be seen as one of the first stations on a much longer journey,” according to Climate Change News. In other words, this is only the beginning.

COP21, as the summit is known, is the 21st since Kyoto and it wasn’t until Barack Obama came along that we had to worry about the overreaching, anti-American power grab that is central to this global collective. The device by which they can control other nations is climate change. It’s reach is limitless.

The first goal is to put together “mitigation” commitments and they want it to be legally binding. Barack Obama has every intention of agreeing to this without securing ratification by the Senate as required by our Constitution.

The second goal is to decide on the finance mechanism.

The globalists want the GEF (Global Environment Facility) to become the financial instrument of the Convention.

The third is to corner the “rich” nations to provide the funding. The “rich” nations, mostly the US, have already agreed to an initial investment of $100 billion but COP21 will be “catalyzing resources beyond this. After all, the investment challenge is huge”, Climate Change News reported.

In other words, there will be an ever-increasing and endless stream of funds going to dictators and thugs of poor countries after it’s funneled through a provably corrupt organization.

We already give the UN billions every year. We are funding a power that will become greater than our own.

It’s all in the name of climate change.

The G77 and China, which does nothing for the improvement of the climate, have “made it clear that finance is critical to a successful outcome in Paris.”

The third goal is “to regularly review the process itself to think about how the international community can deliver on implementation.”

They will continually monitor the “rich” nations and squeeze them for more and more funds. The drama and exaggerated science around climate change was necessary because Americans would never have volunteered to give their money to the world’s thugs without it.