When Is A Tax A Due?


It is when dealing with the SEIU (Service Employees International Union).

Has the cozy comfort zone between the elected officials and unions become a detriment to the poor and struggling?

Here we have Democratic Party that has aligned itself with Occupy Wall Street. This in an attempt to show example of helping the so called 99%.

By their own admission the party states that their goal is to help the underprivileged, low income, disadvantaged by creating a top down playing field.

But is that really their goal? If you are to help is it not better to create an environment that provides for opportunity as opposed to one that hands out roadblocks?

Is it not better to learn how to fish, so that the ability to provide for one’s own family is not dependent on the hook of another?

Who is the teacher that says you have eaten your share when your child’s belly is still longing for food?

Who is the teacher that says the temperature of your home is too high when the windows of the babies room drips with ice, on the “INSIDE”?

Who is the teacher that says your home is large enough when there are four children to a bed?

This is the teacher that does not have the ability or desire to teach. Enter the party of the Democrat.

This is a party that has demonstrated through it’s actions that they would prefer the populous to be dependent rather than independent, to need rather than to have…….

They like nothing better than to question you as to “WHO”S YOUR DADDY”

Case in point ..Timeline ^Michigan….present day….Union dues mandated to be paid to SEIU by a Mom and Dad providing care to their children through Medicaid……Law enacted by then Gov. Jennifer Granholm(D of Mich)…..Why cut Medicaid when the funding can be taken away from those that need it and given to the greedy aka SEIU.
In a special deal the SEIU collects dues from the Mom and Dad as they provide healthcare for their children, children that happen to be afflicted with Cerebral Palsy.

So as this family receives this tax increase to fund the coffers of the SEIU, which is then used to help hire more politicians to implement more taxes……I mean fees ……I mean dues….. so it will be, that much harder to ever
have the ability …… To Catch That Ever Elusive Fish.

See more info here: National Review Online



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