Who REALLY Endangers Women?


by Froy, R.N.

Tim Bishop and ObamaCare: Good for thee, not for me….

Democratic Congressman Tim Bishop’s ads assert that Senator Lee Zeldin, his opponent in the congressional race, wants to deny women preventive health care, treatment for life threatening disease, and reliable birth control. The ads made me wonder how he could possibly have come to that conclusion?

Senator Zeldin, a loving husband and father of twin girls, has never expressed anything leading to that conclusion. So how could Bishop possibly make these assertions? The only possible explanation I can think of…it must reflect Lee Zeldin’s stand regarding the ACA or ObamaCare.

“It must be repealed and replaced,” Senator Zeldin has said. Senator Zeldin knows this bill, some 3,000 pages long, contains provisions which have devastating effects on our healthcare. Specifically, Bishop touts that under ObamaCare, women will have “free mammograms” and free “birth control”. Zeldin knows these claims are disingenuous at best and, Americans deserve to know the truth.

ObamaCare has earned its description as, “a train wreck.”

Among the promises President Obama made were: “if you like your doctor, if you like your health insurance, you can keep it, PERIOD”; families would pay about $2,500 less in yearly premiums, the entire cost of ObamaCare would be less than 1 trillion dollars; ObamaCare would decrease our national debt; and “death panels” don’t exist. Every ONE of these claims is patently false.

In addition, the number of Americans who have LOST their insurance because of the ACA exceeds those who were previously uninsured. Specifically, let’s look at the issue of Breast Cancer screening.

The American Cancer Society (and nearly every other respected health agency) strongly recommends the following:

  • Annual mammograms to begin at age 40 with no age cut-off
  • A monthly self breast examination
  • For women with a family history of breast cancer, mammograms should begin 10 years earlier than the youngest family member diagnosed

The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), a panel newly formed under ObamaCare, recommends the following:

  • Routine screening of average-risk women should begin at age 50, (instead of age 40).
  • Routine screenings terminate at age 74.
  • Mammogram screening every two years (instead of every year).
  • Breast self-exams have little value.

There are vast differences between the two sets of recommendations.

Mr. Bishop’s boasting ObamaCare eliminates the co-pay for mammograms sounds wonderful, that is until you consider the enormous consequences of these few, seemingly small changes. Most women would gladly pay that small co-pay and have their cancer detected in a timely manner.

The USPSTF claims more frequent mammograms starting at a younger age increases women’s “stress” while awaiting results and, in some instances, may cause additional, needless follow-up screening. Their justifications of these changes are quite frivolous. They are obviously meant to decrease the number, and expense, of mammograms.

As to their cut off age of 74, apparently under ObamaCare, people over the age of 74 are just, plain expendable. That same, “cut off” age is used throughout the entire bill with regard to every variety of screenings and life saving healthcare treatment.

If the USPSTF recommendations seem to fly in the face of all we’ve been taught and told, you’re right.

Every organization from the American Cancer Society to the Mayo Clinic is expressing real alarm over these changes. Some physicians go so far as to call these, and many other ObamaCare inspired changes, dangerous to women’s health and an overt violation of their professional oath to, “do no harm.”

Physicians who go against the USPSTF recommendations, who continue to advise their 40 year old, female patients to have annual mammograms, will risk fines and/or prison time.

This is just one of the many reasons so many American doctors are opting to stop practicing medicine completely rather than practice under oppressive, federal ACA protocols.

In view of the actual facts, it begs the question, does Mr. Bishop simply not understand how damaging and dangerous ObamaCare is to America…or, in the interest of blindly following the party line, does he simply not care?

Does Tim Bishop lack the intellect to understand this complex bill, or is he simply allowing the dictates of the Democrat party to trump the health and safety of his constituents?

Regardless of the answer, Bishop’s adoration of ObamaCare does not just put our lives in jeopardy, but, playing fast and loose with the facts seems to be his inspiration behind making serious and disingenuous accusations against Lee Zeldin.

Bottom line, despite the facts, Tim Bishop loves ObamaCare and, Lee Zeldin, because of the facts, maintains the ACA must be repealed and replaced.

Next year, when Nancy Pelosi reaches the age of 75, are we really to believe she too will no longer be able to get a mammogram? Or that Mrs. Bishop will ever be refused screening?

Washington loves to keep America in a perpetual state of confusion and thus, it is nearly impossible to discern whether or not congress has exempted themselves from the pain of ObamaCare. Really a moot point because there is no doubt, politicians, celebrities, the wealthy will always receive excellent and timely medical care with or without ObamaCare.

Regarding Congressman Bishop’s assertion Senator Zeldin is somehow against reliable birth control – multiple searches have not revealed any comments regarding birth control by Lee Zeldin. Therefore, we are left to presume this is yet another long stretch by Mr. Bishop for, it is no great secret Senator Zeldin is not a fan of abortion.

That said, as an attorney (in 2004, was actually youngest to ever pass the NYS bar exam), Zeldin has a deep appreciation for the law.

Roe v Wade is the law of the land, as such, is to be obeyed. Perhaps Tim Bishop views abortion, or even partial birth abortion, as a “reliable” form of birth control and, without needing to search it out, we can safely presume Senator Zeldin would not be in favor of using infanticide as a form of birth control.

The woman in the ad referred to earlier, introduces herself as a nurse and breast cancer survivor. As a registered nurse, I am ashamed a, “sister nurse” would misrepresent the facts of this issue and, in fact, disgrace to our profession.

As a breast cancer survivor, tipping her hat to ObamaCare, is perpetuating a life threatening fraud on every woman who has, or ever will, contract this deadly disease.

Remember, it is the Obama administration’s FDA which has prohibited the drug, Avastin, in the treatment of breast cancer, claiming it is too expensive. This drug, approved for use and successfully treating several other cancers, was undergoing clinical trials and showing great hope for late-stage breast cancer. Before those trials could be concluded, Obama pulled the plug on this last, great hope for many women.

Despite it’s expense, I have NO doubt that, if (God forbid) Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama, or Mrs. Bishop were in that unfortunate position, no matter the cost, Avastin would certainly be made available to them. It’s just not “cost effective” for the rest of Americans.

Judyann Joyner, is a registered nurse. She is an organizer of the Tea Party Patriots of Brookhaven