Libyan Rebels And The Muslim Brotherhood

Yusaf al Qaradwi

One of the questions President Obama must answer in his speech tonight is who are the rebels we are aiding in Libya.

Yusaf al Qaradwi is widely regarded as the spiritual leader for the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya. He currently lives in London. He recently issued a fatwa or religious ruling obliging any Libyan soldier who had the opportunity to do so to assassinate the leader.

Until now, the Brotherhood in Libya has engaged in largely clandestine operations. Recently however, Al-Amin Bilhaj, a leading figure in the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood and the President of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) traveled to the rebel stronghold in Benghazi. Other Brotherhood rebels have returned to Benghazi to treat the wounded in hospitals, not unlike the approach used by Hizbollah in Gaza.

While some insist there is nothing to fear from a Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, there is agreement that they would legislate according to Koranic principles, but never forgetting what the U.S. and the NATO forces have done for them.

Energized Muslim Brotherhood in Libya


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