Why Hillary Might Be In Shock Tonight


Hillary 2

The enthusiasm for the radical socialist Bernie Sanders is becoming a concern for those of us who love our freedom.

In Iowa, Bernie Sanders is up 43% to Hillary’s 33% and in New Hampshire he is up 52% to 30%. That is some turn around.

Hillary isn’t trustworthy but Bernie is very honest about what he’s going to do to the country.

Bernie hair

People need to stop calling Bernie Sanders and his supporters “very liberal”. There’s nothing liberal about a radical socialist who wants to tax and spend us into oblivion. He’s a true statist though some are trying to paint lipstick on the farm animal in his case.

Don’t worry, he’s going to bring millions of people together by doing what Barack Obama did only much more so.



  1. Democrats have lost their minds. A socialist?! Do they know that is what Nazi is an acronym for? National socialism. They are going to ruin this country if they win the next election.

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