Will Megyn Kelly Move to CNN, Never to Be Heard From Again?


Megyn Kelly

Is Megyn Kelly heading for CNN or another mainstream station and does loyalty matter at all?

Gabriel Sherman, who penned “The Loudest Voice in the Room”, the unauthorized biographical trashing of Roger Ailes, FOX News’ chairman and CEO, said Megyn Kelly might jump to another network, something more mainstream while he was being interviewed by Steven Malzberg of Newsmax.

Sherman is a FOXNews hater.

CNN has half the viewership but she could possibly change that though I doubt she will take FOX viewers with her.

Her viewership has gone up since the Trump dust up.

She does seem to be moving a bit more left of late though she has said she’s conservative on some things and liberal on others.

Kelly interviewed Senator Cruz this past week in her characteristically challenging style and tried to get him to answer a question he felt he answered well-enough. He accused her of asking “the question every mainstream medial liberal journalist wants to ask.”

The question was how he would deal with anchor babies already given citizenship if the 14th Amendment were to change.

When she asked him whether he favored amending the Constitution, he answered, “Well, as a policy matter, Megyn, it doesn’t make any sense anymore, that people who are here illegally, that their children would have automatic citizenship. That what that does is it serves as an incentive.

Challenging Cruz to directly answer her question was not unreasonable but it stood in marked contrast to her interview of Jorge Ramos.

The next evening, when she conducted the interview with the anti-American Jorge Ramos, she introduced it by bragging that she got the interview O’Reilly wanted.

Bill has always been gracious and supportive of her.

She let Jorge rant on without challenging him and gave him lead-ins to present his dishonest case. Whether you like Trump or not, Jorge was out of line when he grandstanded at the Trump presser, but that’s who Jorge is. He’s a radical, not a journalist.

CNN and MSNBC are looking to beef up their abysmal ratings. CNN hired Alyson Camerota who went from sounding conservative to sounding like a typical CNN personality on New Day which has one-third the ratings of Fox & Friends as of this week.

MSNBC reduced Al Sharpton to one day, Schultz is gone and Chris Matthews is on the brink of departure. There up to something.

Who knows how it will all end.

Megyn Kelly is beautiful, intelligent, interesting but she can be wicked. When she was on the morning show with Bill Hemmer, she didn’t hesitate to take over.

Fox News has been good to Kelly who is now worth $15 million thanks to them and it’s hard to believe she wouldn’t maintain some loyalty but if she wants to leave, she can leave. Does loyalty matter?

Years ago, companies were loyal and employees were loyal. That’s all changed and maybe not for the better. What do you think? I’d really like to know. Then again, does anyone care?

She would be a tremendous loss to the network.

The gossip about her leaving started when FOX News viewers revolted over the attack-questioning of Trump after Politico announced they were going to take him down which was followed by their insinuating they would do exactly that.

Malzberg asked Sherman why Megyn Kelly wasn’t firing back at Trump?

Sherman said, “Well, she, up until this point, was the fastest rising star at FOX News. She was really becoming the face of the network. And, I don’t think she wants to get down in the weeds and the gutter and play this kind of hardball politics.”

Malzberg interjected, “Because she’ll lose.”

Sherman rebutted, “Or, she wants to, part of this is she wants to go mainstream. There was some talk before her most recent contract that she was flirting with CNN to kind of jump from FOX to CNN. And, I think she wants to leave all options on the table. If she gets down in the weeds and slugs it out with Trump that will hurt her brand.”

It could also be that FOX News wants to lay off Godzilla Trump because the more he’s attacked, the bigger he grows.

Here is the exchange.



  1. FOX News is as Mainstream as it gets. Everything else is downstream. If Megyn Kelly leaves FOX…it isnt a matter of disloyalty to Fox…it is a matter of disloyalty to her viewers.

  2. Thought the rumor of Megyn leaving Fox for CNN was just that a rumor. Megyn brings so much to the show that I honestly feel the show will never be the same. She completes the circle. What a loss for all of us. I wish her well.

  3. I can’t wait until she leaves. I think she makes Fox look bad. Nothing about her is fair and balanced. I use to watch her about 70-80% of the time but after the debates and her next few shows I did watch, was all about bringing Donald Trump down. Her whole show is nothing but bash Trump hour. I won’t watch her on any channel. Please get rid of her. My friends and I will be very happy to see her go.

  4. As Kelly leaves Fox for CNN I say GOOD RIDDANCE and take your liberal attitude and your new bull-D appearance with you, and please take Juan Williams with you. Yes, I know CNN fired Juan Williams which makes CNN look at lot smarter than Fox.

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