Will Ryan Let the GOP Get Rolled Every Year?


Will Ryan let the GOP get rolled by Nancy Pelosi every year? If you look at the GOP’s reaction to this bill and the Democrats’ reaction, you will have your answer.

Tuesday, Ryan told Bill Bennett on “Morning in America ”that he inherited this latest cromnibus which is the line he came up with on Sunday when he spoke with Chuck Todd. You can buy that or not, but the fact is the Republicans are worse negotiators than Barack Obama. Democrats are running with this.

The Democrats are marveling at all they won and they’re bragging about it. Actually, they’re not bragging, they’re relating because they can back it all up.

The Daily Signal posted a tweet by top Democratic Senate aide who summed it up in a single tweet. Adam Jentleson, Minority Leader Harry Reid’s deputy chief of staff, wrote: “In addition to nixing more than 150 GOP riders, the final agreement will secure major progressive policy successes.”

Go to The Daily Signal to read about all the things conservatives didn’t get that Democrats are raving about.

Ryan and his top aides “really gave away the store,” Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) declared Dec. 18, National Journal reported. “Demo­crats were able to strip scores and score of pois­on pills.” That isn’t being reported by the mainstream aka left-wing news and you know why.

“All three goals we had, we accomplished,” Reid told The Washington Post, though the Post made little of the statement and made sure it was at the end of the article.

The three goals were to increase welfare and payoffs to cronies, resume astronomical spending, and allow no Republican policies to survive.

Reid said Democrats’ goals going into the spending negotiations were to increase funding equally for both domestic and military programs, get rid of the so-called sequestration automatic budget cuts and prevent Republicans from adding policy provisions to the bill Democrats oppose, WaPo reported.

Newsmax reported on the reactions of Hoyer and Schumer.

“This was an extraordinarily big victory,” Democrat Rep. Steny Hoyer said of the spending bill.

“Democrats had an amazingly good year,” said New York Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Republican elites don’t really get it and won’t or they at least don’t admit it. The National Journal reported it’s viewed as a big win for Republicans.

“This is a really big win for Speak­er Ry­an and the new ap­proach that he’s laid out,” Ma­jor­ity Whip RINO Steve Scal­ise said after the vote. “Sixty per­cent of our con­fer­ence voted for this bill, which is his­tor­ic, and it really puts us in a strong po­s­i­tion next year to have more lever­age for the fights that will start very early in the new year.”

It means 60% are Democrats light or deluded or something. Maybe they just need to get out of the Beltway more. They live a big bubble and tell each other they’re on target and doing a great job. Meanwhile, few of them talk about the Constitution and the fundamental transformation of our American democracy by a Marxist revolutionary.



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