WOW! Fake News Writer Gabriel Sherman Claims Election Should Be Questioned in 3 States


Clintonistas are trying to sow the seeds of doubt and discontent about the election results at the same time they are threatening electors to get them to change their votes.

A Fake News writer at NY Magazine says three state elections should be contested because computer scientists find cause for doubt.

Without a shred of evidence, the fake news article by Gabriel Sherman claims that three liberal Clintonistas, including computer scientists at the University of Michigan think there is reason to believe the election results in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were hacked and manipulated. It’s very convenient that it’s those particular states.

They found no evidence of hacking mind you, they simply don’t like the pattern.

It’s ironic in that George Soros’s friend and a colleague of the Clintons have control over so many electronic voting machines.

Sherman fell back on the alleged Russian intrusion into our elections which is unproven.

The author also claims that the race is too close to call in Michigan which is a blatant lie. The election is decided.

Michigan isn’t too close to call.


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