Wow! Susan Rice Doesn’t Have Time for Benghazi, the False Controversy


It is a very sad state of affairs when our National Security Advisor has the audacity to say she doesn’t have time for Benghazi because it’s a false controversy. Susan Rice wants us to believe there is no substance to the Benghazi scandal that left more than 30 Americans unprotected and 4 dead.

Susan Rice went on five Sunday talk shows five days after the Benghazi attack in September 2012 and told America that the attack was a ‘spontaneous’ event that resulted from a vile video. She was the UN Ambassador at the time. She continued to mislead the American public yesterday in a 60 Minutes interview.


Susan Rice, is she the Administration’s obedient puppet?

National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, told CBS in a 60 minutes interview Sunday, “I don’t have time to think about a false controversy” when she was asked about Benghazi.

Mr. Obama, if you will remember, said Bengahazi is a “phony” scandal.

It’s just another “bump in the road” I suppose.

Mrs. Rice was asked why she did the Sunday talk shows in 2012. Rice said, as she has said before,  that Hillary couldn’t do the Sunday talk shows because she went through such a terrible week and had to greet the bodies at Andrews Air Force Base. It was very hard on her, Mrs. Rice claimed in yesterday’s interview.

When Mrs. Clinton greeted the families of the deceased at Andrews, she told them the attack was the result of a vile video and she was going to bring the videographer to justice. She foretold the videographer’s predetermined fate despite the fact that she knew the video had nothing to do with the attack.

The administration claimed for three weeks that the attack occurred “spontaneously” over a Mohammed video. They most likely lied about this because they didn’t want the public to know that al-Qaeda’s strength was growing in the region and because they knew they left the consulate without even minimal security.

The Administration even embarrassed the President of Libya when he said it was an al-Qaeda attack. They contradicted him and denied that was the case. The Libyan president then turned around and wouldn’t let the FBI into Benghazi to examine the scene for another three weeks.

The Obama Administration said they would bring the perpetrators to justice but have not done so even though at least one suspect brazenly gives interviews to US media. DOJ Holder said they need evidence to bring them to trial and can’t do more at this time.

The Obama Administration did not send help while the Safe House was under attack and we have not been told why. We don’t even know where the president was at the time these decisions were made.

Planes that could have come to the rescue were 2 to 3 hours away and the fighting went on for nearly 8 hours without help being sent:

Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton lied to the world about the cause of the attack in ads purchased at taxpayer expense and aired in Pakistan. The president even went before the UN and blamed the attack on a vile video.

Our government issued stand down orders to men who did want to help and then the Administration said there were no stand down orders, they were merely told to stay in place.

The Administration refused to give key information to Congress. They then lied about that and claimed they gave Congress what they asked for.

Witnesses were not allowed to speak with Congress and were forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement on the day that the bodies arrived at Andrews. What was the Administration hiding?

The Obama Administration hired guards to protect the consulate who were connected to the al-Qaeda affiliate, Ansaria al-Sharia.

The Administration left the consulate unprotected despite warnings and pleas from the Ambassador and others to send more help prior to the attack. There were plenty of other warnings. The British had already fled and there had been prior attacks on the consulate and on our allies.

Check out the information from Bill Young:

Insofar as this president is concerned, Congress doesn’t exist and the truth is irrelevant.

If they say it’s a false controversy enough times, everyone will believe it I suppose. The Administration not only refused to give answers to the American people and Congress about Benghazi, they declined to lift one finger to help the men who died 9/11/12.

That’s a false controversy?

Listen to this clip from the 60 Minutes interview:

via CNS News

The Administration refused to protect the consulate with the bare minimum of required security, they didn’t send help, they lied about the cause of the attack, they sent the videographer to jail, they covered up the facts from the public and Congress, and they have done nothing about bringing the perpetrators to justice.

This is a false controversy?

Oh, well, “What difference…at this point…does it make?”