UN’s Borderless One World Government Is On Schedule!


fleeing refugees

The U.N. and one world government are starting to become synonymous and it needs to be watched.

We hear a lot about George Soros but there is another crazy old man who is as dangerous for the EU as Soros is for the United States. His name is Peter Sutherland and he’s helping to forever change the concept of sovereignty in Europe through his UN megaphone.

The Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) is not part of the UN system according to their website, however, “it is open to all States Members and Observers of the United Nations. It was initiated by Belgium in 2007 as a result of the 2006 UN High-Level Dialogue (HLD) on International Migration.”

They are also in constant communication.

GFMD has 16 agencies and are one example of the dangerous growth of the UN and its affiliates. If you ever doubt the goal is a One World Government, just study up on this group and what their goals are.

In his report to the UN General Assembly at its 65th session in August 2010, which he has repeatedly affirmed, the Secretary General recognized that “one of the main achievements of the Global Forum has been its focus on the contributions of international migration to development and on building better understanding and collaboration among countries linked by migration; that the meetings of the Global Forum on Migration and Development have successfully engaged both Governments and the multilateral system in realizing the benefits of international migration for development and in collaborating to address its potentially detrimental effects.”

International migration is an erasure of borders and an obliteration of sovereignty.

According to their website, “by working closely together, the GFMD and the UN play complementary roles in seeking practical solutions to the challenges of international migration, while harnessing the potential benefits of international migration for development.”

Peter Sutherland

The U.N. Secretary General’s Special Representative for International Migration is Peter Sutherland who is also the Chairman of Goldman Sachs International. FrontPage Magazine reported that Sutherland claimed at the 70th anniversary of the U.N. that caps on refugees enforced by certain countries in Europe are “directly reminiscent of the type of caps that took place under the Reich [against] the Jewish population.”

How can anyone of sound mind believe that having borders and good faith limits on immigration is the same as the genocide of Jews in the 20th century?

It’s absurd of course. They’ll say anything to promote their one world government.

Also from Frontpage, Sutherland said:

“What are economic migrants, I ask? Are they everybody else who isn’t persecuted? Well if that is what they are, does it mean that you’re going to send home people who are starving? That you’re going to send home people who are living through environmental degradation of a dreadful kind? …It’s just not good enough.”

He doesn’t care about anyone or he wouldn’t be recommending lawless immigration. There is no way to know if these migrants are fleeing persecution or planning to persecute; if they will contribute to society or live off it as a form of payment from non-Muslims; or if they will assimilate or destroy the different European societies.

The immigration is so massive, there is no reasonable expectation that they will all assimilate.

Peter Sutherland wrote recently:

The debate on the post­ 2015 development agenda has only just begun, but the critical and positive role migrants are playing in shaping the 21st century is already being recognized. This marks a sea change from the days when migration was seen as a failure of development, with migrants perceived as burdens rather than as engines of poverty reduction.

This awareness now needs to be harnessed by governments: Policies that lower the costs of migration, eliminate discrimination against migrants, and protect their rights can reap even bigger gains for development.

He is claiming that reasonable border controls are equivalent to discrimination.

Earlier this month, in an interview with UN News Centre, Sutherland said that governments must recognize that “sovereignty is an illusion – that sovereignty is an absolute illusion that has to be put behind us. The days of hiding behind borders and fences are long gone.”

Who says? What is he talking about?  Who are these globalists to steal our identities and with that, our freedom?

This is an invasion without weapons and almost all of the new “migrants” are men.

EU invasion

He recently wrote an article for the Irish Times in which he insisted that the EU must take all asylum seekers under International law.

These eugenicists have a World Population Plan to guide the growth and control of the world’s populations and grow the U.N.

“International co-operation, based on the peaceful coexistence of States having different social systems, should play a supportive role in achieving the goals of the Plan of Action,” the plan asserts.

The UN is our new global government.

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eileen spamer
eileen spamer
5 years ago

10 yrs ago i knew something strange was happening ,,with the internet the info is there for us all to see mass mmigration is wrong

Herbert R.
6 years ago

Nationalism protects the individual’s rights under the rule of law, thereby strengthening the freedom of a nation as a whole. Internationalism is a universal state in which the ‘brotherhood of man’ is the impetus for an ideal world of economic equality and peace–that allows greater margin for the enslavement of the powerless.