Communist at Paris Summit Talks About the Goals

Judge Napolitano Explains Why NSA Doesn't Need to Collect Phone Records

Suddenly Putin Has Found Religion in Climate Change

Obama's Big Tax $$ Giveaway in Paris Promises "Transparent" Global Government

Communist at Paris Summit Talks About the Goals


Anti-Capitalist Naomi Klein, who has dedicated her life to destroying Capitalism, has a leadership role in the Paris Climate Summit. She is also an advisor to the Papal See. She made a point of saying that climate change is driving terrorism and the desire from fossil fuels is driving it all. Absurdly, she said, “The…

Suddenly Putin Has Found Religion in Climate Change


What do you think Putin’s up to? President Putin of Russia is suddenly going along with the religion of climate change even though he recently called it a fraud. Now he says Climate Change is “one of the gravest challenges” facing humanity. Why would he go along with it now? Does he see the end of…

Obama Blames Terrorism and Refugees on the Weather

Obama liar

Yes, he did go there! It’s the weather at the core of terrorism and refugees. They need better jobs, dammit. Barack Obama is at the Paris summit lying his fool head off with embellished, bombastic, rhapsodic language we have not heard since 2008.  After a bleak and melodramatic introduction about this being “the moment”, Barack Obama blamed…

Barack Obama Blames US for Polluting the World

obama eyes closed

One of the first things Barack Obama did while addressing the gathering at the the Paris climate summit was to tell the world leaders of dictators, socialists, communists, and various other corrupt technocrats that we – you and I – recognize that we had a role in creating this problem, a problem many believe doesn’t exist,…

Court Decision Comes Down in Muslim-Free Zone Gun Shop Case

Muslim free gun shop

Andy Hallinan, a gun retailer in Florida, declared his store, Florida Gun Supply, a Muslim-free zone in the wake of the shooting of four servicemen outside a recruiting office in Chattanooga, Tennessee, by an Islamic extremist.. He was promptly sued by CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, but they lost and the case was dismissed. CAIR…