Three Biggest DNC Lies This Week

Mothers of the Movement And Massive Fraud at the DNC

Obama-Hillary Hate Group Black Lives Matter Demands White Supporters March in Back

Undocumented Bernie Supporters Kept Out of DNC Convention by a WALL

Three Biggest DNC Lies This Week

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton poses for a photo with supporters following a campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire,…

Three Biggest DNC Lies This Week

hillary clinton

The dishonest and provably corrupt DNC is using their platform to lie. We have three of the many lies they are promoting this week. FIRST LIE The DNC leak isn’t about their corruption, it’s about Trump – its Trump’s fault. The DNC and Democrats in general are using the email leak that exposes their bigotry, dishonesty…

Mothers of the Movement And Massive Fraud at the DNC

Mothers of the Movement.

The Mothers of the Movement want police reform, are speaking out about police brutality and against guns, but they are represented by people who don’t prove their case. The Democrat party is exploiting distraught mothers for their leftist agenda. Standing in front of a bare stage with the Marxist “Social Justice” refrain written in large letters…

It’s Historic! Democrat Party Embraces Criminality to Get Votes

Sheriff Clarke

We have our first woman nominated for president by a major party despite her history of deceit and corruption. The Democrat Party is forever changed with the majority of its members embracing Socialism. They embraced an elderly man who praised the violent Sandanistas and the Castro brothers and a woman who is dishonest and leaves…

Guess What’s Missing from the Beautiful DNC Stage

monday's stage

Can you guess what is missing from the DNC convention by looking at this photo? A number of people wrote that there were flags on the side and there were no flags on Monday. There are four flags off to the side now that were put there on Tuesday, The Daily Caller. Monday’s stage: Tuesday’s stage:…

Look at Who Represents the Democrat Party – Fitting?


Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was the face of the DNC last night and replaced the now-fired Debbie Wasserman-Schultz by raising the opening gavel. She is the Democrat mayor of Baltimore who allowed the gangs and “protesters” to run wild through the city after the death of a black man while in police custody before any facts were known. If Trump…