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    ACLU Starts Constitutional Campaign, You Can Make Up Your Own Rights!

    ACLU Has a New Ploy In advance of the Inauguration, the hard-left ACLU wants people to take an oath to protect the Constitution - the leftist's version of it that is. This is the same...

    Trump’s Inauguration Dubbed “Bloody Friday” by Mexican-Jihadi Cartel

    Judicial Watch released a shocking report about the shooting at the site of the new U.S. Consulate in Mexico. The attack in which 13 died is linked to an ISIS-cartel group's terrorist attack plan for...
    Gloria Allred, Hoaxster

    Days Before Inauguration DNC Puppet Gloria Allred Files Suit Against Trump

    Gloria Allred is a DNC puppet. Wikileaks provided proof though it was obvious without evidence. When the Democrats want to damage a Republican, they bring her out. She is out now and announced a lawsuit against...
    Port Canaveral aerial view

    Obama Gave Iran, UAE, Saddam’s Bomb-maker Family Lease to US Port

    The left is worried about Trump's conflict of interests. Maybe they should worry about Barack Hussein Obama's conflicts of interest. Lease Given to Our Enemies The family of Iraqi nuclear physicist Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, “the...

    Squaw of Crazy Horse Won’t Shake Hands with Betsy De Vos

    Maybe it's the custom for fake Native-Americans to not shake hands. The socialist bank-hater is pettier than we thought. She's a sore loser, a bitter clinger. Hopefully her fake Indian tribe will disown her. Elizabeth...

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